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Watch YouTube without Ads on your Fire TV

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Google revealed plans this week to monetize videos from publishers on YouTube that have not joined the partner program. The change takes affect in the United States first but will roll out to all other regions that YouTube is available in.


YouTube viewers will see more ads on the site as a consequence, and that is a problem especially if YouTube is watched on the TV and not a device that supports content blocking.


While it is clear that advertisement is necessary to finance a service such as YouTube, it is also clear that Google pushed ads more aggressively on the site in recent time.


Video ads may play in front of videos but may also interrupt playback of a video to display unskippable ads.


If you use Amazon's Fire TV to watch YouTube on your television, or have an Android-based Smart TV, you may install a third-party application on the device to watch YouTube without advertisement and get other benefits from the change next to that.


Smart YouTube TV is an open source application designed specifically for Android TVs. The app is designed specifically for TV screens, supports 4K, runs independent of Google Services, and does not require root.


The application needs to be sideloaded as it is not available in Amazon's Apps store. Sideloading simply means that the application is installed from a third-party source and not the officially supported store.


Preparing the Fire TV


First thing you need to do on your Fire TV is to enable sideloading support.

Turn on your TV and bring the Fire TV interface to the front.
Select Settings from the menu at the top.
Open Device and select Developer Options from the Device menu.
Toggle the option "Apps from Unknown Sources" so that it reads "on" once you are done.
This is all it takes to enable sideloading. All that is left now is to get the Smart YouTube TV app on the device and install it.


Downloading and installing Smart YouTube TV




There are numerous ways to achieve this, here is a straightforward option:


Go back to the front of the Fire TV interface.

Open Search.

Search for "Downloader", a tool to download files to your Fire TV. It is this app, compare the screenshot and ratings to make sure it is the correct one.

Select install when asked to install the app on the device. You can launch it right away after installation. There is also an option to delete the downloaded APK file which you can do to free up some space.

Activate the URL / Address field in the Downloader app and load https://smartyoutubetv.github.io/en/.

The homepage of Smart YouTube TV loads.

Use the Fire TV remote to scroll down to the download section and select the Stable release to download. There is also a Beta release and a special YouTube Kids version.

The same installer should be displayed once the app is downloaded to the device. Install it on the device and start it up afterwards. You may also delete the downloaded APK file again.

The interface resembles that of the YouTube app for the Fire TV, but you will notice that it does not display any advertisement.

The installed YouTube app by Google remains installed, and you can continue to use it as well. You don't need to sign in to an account to use the app, but the option is provided.


Now You: how often do you watch videos on YouTube?



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Wish they had the Cast feature working side by side with official app as , casting from phone switches to Official youtube app


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23 hours ago, drunk said:

Would be awesome if they would release a version for the Samsung's tizen OS !


Try using an android box. I'm going to purchase a Samsung TV to replace my old non smart one. And I was looking on how to install kodi on it. One of the solutions is using an android box to download and install from the Google app store. Haven't tried it yet though...

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