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Long time, first time

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Long time board lurker first time poster and just saying hi!

Came across this board years ago, made an account and lurked

I am generally NIX focused but do some work on MS products mostly AD/Server/DC

I am terrible with modern programming/scripting languages and would rather stick with C/C++/sh/csh

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image.gif       @saneduck


(If you haven't had a chance to read the Forum Guidelines yet, please take a moment to do so. It's full of helpful do's and don'ts, and is linked to at the top and bottom of every forum page.)

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From Belgium, hello @saneduck and welcome to NsaneForums!
I hope you enjoy the forums!
Have a nice day. :) 

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Welcome to Nsane saneduck...phew!! you had me worried when

I saw the tag you put on this thread...I thought someone was

posting about my wedding night!!:dance::dance::dance:

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hi... sorry to cause inconvenience to this forum... just wanted to be active and as much i would like to help others but clearly i don't have anything to offer to help other members...


i was here 3 years ago for the help i recieved from this group... really appreaciate it... but now need another help... but i don't know where to begin or what i need to do to get help from you guys again... but just let me know anything that i could do...


thanks again...

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