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Microsoft escalates to to Edge taskbar ads

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Microsoft escalates to to Edge taskbar ads

Edge has about 7.5% market share and this has largely changed over the last year. Microsoft has become increasingly desperate about promoting their native browser, including recently having unskippable splash screens when you update your PC.


Now in their latest move, Microsoft is adding prompts to your taskbar, encouraging Windows 10 users to try the browser.




The ads show up when you have the browser pinned, which should happen by default if you are upgrading from Internet Explorer. It is presumably aimed at inexperienced users who do not know how to pin an alternative 3rd party browser to the taskbar.


The latest development follows similar notifications in Outlook website, Start Menu, and Windows Search and interestingly if it was successful in stealing market share from Chrome would open Microsoft up to an antitrust complaint from Google for abusing their desktop monopoly to push their browser.


via WindowsLatest



Microsoft escalates to to Edge taskbar ads



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3 hours ago, Karlston said:

The latest development follows similar notifications in Outlook website, Start Menu, and Windows Search and interestingly if it was successful in stealing market share from Chrome would open Microsoft up to an antitrust complaint from Google for abusing their desktop monopoly to push their browser.

When will this take place 22 years  from now? the last  historic antitrust case that took place was 1998 against Microsoft   and before that it was AT&T in 1974. :rofl:


Google not even responded to there case yet they have tell DEC  Microsoft is still a monopoly in the USA  they have more  OS  users   than IOS and Android .Google is in 3rd place  Because Android has more users world wide dont matter in USA antitrust . Even if Microsoft had the most used  browser and people still used  Google  , Facebook  and Amazon  Ads and services  more i doubt  they would go after Microsoft . Because Microsoft had  the most used browser  for years and years  after  1998.


In 1998  Google  was new  that when they officially was founded as a company. they didn't take the search market tell 2008  after the Government blocked  Google and Yahoo  Advertising Agreement .so in a sense they created  the monster and let it get out of control . See Google and Yahoo was going to merge  and control like 90% of Advertising  so once they blocked it that messed  Yahoo  up and  caused  Google  to gain  control of most of the Advertising  .Once smart phones came out google had 2 platforms to dominate  in Advertising.


But Google  and Apple  together have more users than Microsoft  in  the USA and  that means they dominate the most used platform in the USA  and that why there being sued  and not Microsoft. together they control  like over 60% of the OS marketshare in the USA  Microsoft  only controls 32%. they look at companies  like Apple as being partners in crime with Google  because  Apple  gets paid billions a  year to let Google be default in there OSes  Browser. .Microsoft dont do this they use there own ad company as default  and its very small.


IOS alone has almost as much users as Windows in the USA you add MacOS  to that  that means Apple  has the most users  and with Google  that puts them way above poor little  old Microsoft  that was already slapped down  by Antitrust .

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I dont lose my mind because  My  OS i use everyday  dont bake in browsers it comes with a open source one  i can  uninstall   and dont even have the one that came in my OS  for years. And since most people in my country use smartphones  and  windows only makes up 32% of the OS market  that means at lest 68% of internet users here dont really give a :shit: what Microsoft  does  with there browser.

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I'd be more inclined to click on that if the text read something like "Shut Up and Use Our Browser Already!"

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6 hours ago, UberGeek said:

Those who use Microsoft Edge, can just un-pin it . . . problem solved. :P

You dont even have to do  that  this is nothing new  Microsoft has done  this with  EDGE  in 2016 before with Bing Rewards ads  but M$ only paid rewards to people in the USA  that used Bing so i dont think it happen to everyone. Typical Microsoft Behavior Lather, rinse, repeat there like a bottle  of shampoo. From Back in 2016 i read the blog post  comments here  only one person had enough sense to just turn them off . Others swore it was malware and you should switch to Linux .   :lmao:





Here it is 2020 (Years Latter) and it's happens again  most people who use Windows 10 very long  know you can turn it off  Native popups  have been baked in windows 10 taskbar  for  years now, But sites like Windows Latest  post about  every time Microsoft fart , Some stuff that not even News Worthy like this .


You can just click on it   and it will go away are you can turn off tips and suggestions , As many times  as M$ pulled  stuff  like this why would anyone have tips and suggestions on if they think there tips and suggestions look like ads?   One unnamed source claims its a bug  .




If your device is affected by this unexpected behavior, you can easily get rid of such notifications. Just click on the pinned Edge icon, and notification will disappear. Also, you can turn off tips and suggestions option in Settings > System > Notifications & Actions.


According to unnamed sources close to Microsoft, the company is now looking into this unexpected behavior, and they might pause the campaign soon. Users are not expected to see such ads when they are already using the browser. It looks like something in the OS is preventing it from detecting the running browser.


Source : https://winaero.com/windows-10-version-20h2-now-displays-edge-promotional-pop-ups/


Windows 10 has always been  a annoying POS OS  , Most people who  run it  when they set it up they remove  the UWP  apps they dont want  and get rid of ads and things in settings  and Run  stuff like O&O Windows 10 shut up and other programs to make it act half way  like a normal legacy  Windows OS . In most wealthy countries  if you look at the market share at statcounter you will see that  most people  dont even  use Windows very much and  Apple OSes  and Google OSes  combined  has way higher market  than  Microsoft OSes  they only have 2 now that even supported  and there just desktop.  :P


People who read  the Windows PC centric news  are stuck on  stupid  if they believe the hype about people using PCs to work at home and need to get with reality  of living in a post  COVID-19  world . Why would many  people  be using desktops when the whole  world  is suffering from high unemployment and widening social inequality right now ? When and if it gets any better no one really knows but things are going be bad from years to come  its not going to get better overnight .   Some Multi Billion Tech outfits stock is crashing with bad 3rd quarter reports they all blame it on COVID-19 it want  shock me if it dont catch up with most of Tech  before things get any better. They always say things have to get worse before they get better.


You take Intel for instance they had like a 1% increase in selling PC chips but there stock crashed because of lack of demand in there Server Chip Market this is the  Enterprise market. Same with SAP there Cloud market is doing OK but there Stock crashed due lack of sales of software.


The few  people who still  have  jobs that require  a computer   may be using  PCs  and other than that its mostly just  hold outs that play games and stuff  .And with Game Streaming  were  you  can subscribe to play games  on  any OS  even that fizzling out because you really  dont need Windows  to play games any more  you can just use a smart phone  or Linux . Only people who suffer from slow internet speeds would want offline games.


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8 hours ago, Sylence said:

Lol a simple message appears in the taskbar and everybody loses their minds :D

Yes, you are right. ;)


Just installed the latest Microsoft Edge Chromium on Windows 10 and that's just a message (at worst) . . . definitely not an ad.


Like the fact that this browser ships with extensive Group Policies . . . I'm gonna keep this as my secondary browser (who knows it might . . . one day become my primary browser, too.) :wub:

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