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i like this forum

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From Belgium, hello @X and welcome to NsaneForums!
I hope you enjoy the forums!
Have a nice day. :) 

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image.gif       @starcity


(If you haven't had a chance to read the Forum Guidelines yet, please take a moment to do so. It's full of helpful do's and don'ts, and is linked to at the top and bottom of every forum page.)

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Hello starcity, and a big welcome to Nsane.

I'm old too, and very trying...just ask Matt and the moderators!!:towel::towel::towel:

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10 hours ago, starcity said:

good day,


i like this forum and try contribute if i can


I'm old but will try, 10x

Welcome Grandpa. It's good to see that it's not just young puppies lurking around the forum. Maybe we can talk to the moderates (everyone is young puppies) and persuade them to start a forum for old nerds. There we can reminisce about good old Walkman days.


It is good that we have forums like this when old age sets in so we have something to do in our spare time .in the old days they had to go to the store to find someone who would talk to the poor old people. how sad they were in the old days.


But remember this. Today you are not considered old until you have passed 99 years .I'm in my forties so It's a pleasure to know that for me. I do not know how old you are but as long as you can walk across the living room floor without falling over, everything should be fine.


If you are wondering about the typos when reading, you are ok, there is nothing wrong in your head. It's not my fault either. Unfortunately we have not come any further in 2020 with translations. Just sad


Welcome and have a nice stay

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