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Windows 10X to reportedly RTM in December, without Win32 app support

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Windows 10X to reportedly RTM in December, without Win32 app support



Microsoft originally developed Windows 10X to support their dual-screened ambitions, but development difficulties eventually caused Microsoft to abandon that plan, and eventually re-target the OS for cheap single-screened laptop-like devices for front-line workers, to compete with ChromeOS.


One of the reasons Windows 10X struggled was trying to run Win32 apps in containers in the OS, with Microsoft unable to achieve reasonable performance.


Now WindowsLatest reports that Microsoft is finalizing the feature set of Windows 10X in December and that this feature set will not include support for Win32 apps in the VAIL containers.


Instead, the OS will only run PWA and UWP apps, and Microsoft will “pre-install” PWA versions of  Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams, Skype, and so on. Enterprise users will still be able to deliver Win32 apps via remote desktop virtualization, however.


According to WindowsLatest, Microsoft is expected to launch devices with the OS in Spring 2021 and will spend the time between December and then with bug fixes and other servicing of the OS. It is unclear if Microsoft will have a public beta test of the OS.


Microsoft has already started redeploying some of the technology developed for Windows 10X, such as the new soft keyboard, to Windows 10, making the work not a complete waste. Microsoft may still release a dual-screen version of the OS in 2022 for the much-delayed Surface Duo.



Windows 10X to reportedly RTM in December, without Win32 app support



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Lol  Windows 10S v2 = Windows 10x was another  M$ pipe dream  like Windows 10 phone-PC convergence was a failure



After having taken a write-off of $7.6 billion on the acquired Nokia hardware assets, while market share sunk to 1% that year.Microsoft began to prioritize software development and integrations with Android and iOS instead, and ceased active development of Windows 10 Mobile in 2017.


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when  you speak  of  stuff  like stuff like  ProjectReunion  It suffers  from  what all  development  does right now .




Coding is fun. It's why we got into this. Reviewing, documenting, or managing code isn't. The open source community has an added problem with its reliance on volunteers but even in corporate IT, developers who are assigned to review code often lack the focus they have when they are assigned to write code.



There a Small  Team of of  volunteer contributors     even large projects  the review process  is bottleneck right now . People summit  patches  to the point  they dont have time to review  them . You stick  any old code in your project  then you end up with useless software.  Every opensource project  i visit they like 15 or more idiots  requesting new features  besides  the people complaining about  bugs. So you dont know if project will still be  around in a few  years lots of software  i started  out with are different  forks  made by someone who's  not got burnout and quit  yet. The software apps i started with are dead projects and i just started getting heavy into opensource  5 years ago and its adapt or die  only big projects  seem to last  very long. But that the  fun part of im always getting to try  new software out when someone quits. :lmao:




Steve Davies 3

I see MS's problem as that are trying to do too much with limited resources. Spread too thinly.The result is everything is in a perpetual 'Beta' state. The Marketing people are in my mind to blame.Microsoft Marketing... The department of thousands of ideas that are all doomed to fail but at least they tried them all...


They  worth over a trillion dollars and they laid off all there reviewers and software testers and replaced them with volunteers  that only signed  up to get releases faster they can't review code much less write code even if they know how they can't summit a patch because Windows is closed source.  The real testing is done by AI. Meanwhile they have lots of opensource projects that are open on GitHub that  questions never  get  answered and there hardly any activity so  we  may as well say they are dead in the water.   How  many of you insiders  go to GitHub and contribute to there projects to help make them  worth 2 trillion ? From the looks of it not many. If it was anything to being a insider  it would be like most projects  it would be too much like work to be doing it for free  and they would not have but a handful  of them. They even bought  GitHub something Google never  had to do too get rich off open source  . What has Microsoft made on there  that made them any real money so far ?:rofl:

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