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Google Play Music is officially out-of-service in some regions including the US

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Users have until December to transfer their songs and playlists to YouTube Music

What just happened? Right on schedule, the Google Play Music app and website are no longer allowing users access to the service—at least in the US and some other areas. Both the app and the website urge you to transfer your data to YouTube Music while you still have the chance.

It wasn't that long ago (2017) the Google was all-in on Google Play Music (GPM), even inking a deal to make it the default player on Samsung devices. However, the search giant's new love child is YouTube Music. In August, it announced that it was discontinuing the service come December.


Android Police notes that some Google Play Music users have reported that their accounts are already disabled. When logging in, the app presents users with a message advising them to transfer their data to YouTube Music and that "Google Play Music is no longer available." The GPM website is also nonfunctional for some users. Indeed, TechSpot can confirm that the US version of the GPM web portal gives the same advisory as the Android app.


Android Authority reports that many of its readers are not "thrilled" about the switch. More than half (64.7 percent of 5,300 respondents) said they did not like YouTube Music and would not switch (42.6 percent), or they are not sure if they will transition until they try it (22.1 percent).


Users have had plenty of advance notice that the shift was coming. Google laid out the plan for phasing it out, with streaming being turned off in September and the app and website going offline in October. GPM should be completely out of service by the end of the year. Currently, the app is still functional in some areas, including the UK and South Africa, but there is no definite consensus on what regions are already affected.


If your Google Play Music app is no longer working, and you don't want to transfer to YouTube Music, options are limited. Android Police suggests reverting to an earlier version of the GPM app.

"The only workaround that seems to bring the app back for those who lost it is uninstalling app updates and reverting to an older version of GPM. Then you have to turn off automatic updates for it in the Play Store, and cross your fingers and hope Google doesn't force-kill it in another way."

It might be easier to just bite the bullet and transfer your data to YouTube. I have not used either service, but it seems that as long as uploads and playlists easily migrate from GPM to YTM without a hitch, it shouldn't be that much of a hassle. Users have until December to make the switch.



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YouTube Music  is not bad  with  ad blocker it works on PC as well  and you dont need to sign in ,Much better than Spotify free.



Open source version  of YouTube Music no ads , Open maps   chose playlist from all over the world .   since i make my own webapps on Linux it  great for me





Only 1 caveat just there no app for it




Caveats  of Google Play Music

  1. Confusing to use
  2. No folder support
  3.  Want credit card info before using "free" service
  4. Status bar not sensitive nor customizable


There is no way to go easily go back a specific amount of time (for example: Audible has a button that allows you to go back 30 seconds).
The status bar could be more time specific. If you want to go back to a particular segment of listening, there is no way to know exactly where you will land. You have to do some kind of guessing and it is annoying. Lot of time wasted in searching in a blind manner.


5.Quality only as high as 320kbps MP3s

There is no option to listen to lossless music, even if that is what the user has uploaded. The highest quality is 320kbps MP3s. If a lossless track has been uploaded and the user then downloads the track at a later date the file will also only be a 320kbps MP3.


6.No way to start the app in ones library

The app offers no way to actually start up in ones library, either in the desktop Chrome app or the Android app. For those that only use this app for listening to their purchased or uploaded music this is pretty annoying as there s no real need for the front page of recommendations and activity. This doe snot necessarily need to be some social platform but just a way to listen to ones music, really the user should have the choice, especially if they are paying for this service through purchased music or their streaming service.





That why they doing away with it was a crap service  that never made them no money .💀


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