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ControlUWP 0.22.0


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ControlUWP 0.22.0

control launcher_1qQM1b8DWy


ControlUWP is an Open Source app based on PowerShell scripts that centralizes many recommended Windows 10 settings allowing you to effect changes easily.


This app automates actions for key settings allowing you even to execute them in bulk. You will find the GUI familiar if you have used any of this author's other popular apps like Bloatbox, and Privatezilla for instance. It is tidy and broken into three sections. First is a listing of the categories (Apps, Debloat, Devices, etc., totaling fifteen main categories). Second, it provides a brief description of the actions listed in the third section. Above those actions listed, you can select what you want to do; add, save, apply, as well refresh, select/unselect all (contained with the dropdown menu). Additionally, below, you will find another description.

ControlUWP makes the process of managing Windows Windows 10 settings easy, and since your choices are centralized, makes it very user-friendly to perform, allowing anyone to tailor their Windows 10 settings precisely the way they want them to be.


ControlUWP 0.22.0

released this 1 hour ago
    Added System Information settings page
    Revised Storage Sense settings page
    Revised app home page
    Revised app settings page
    Minor fixes


Homepage https://github.com/builtbybel/control-uwp


Changelog https://github.com/builtbybel/control-uwp/releases


Download https://github.com/builtbybel/control-uwp/releases/download/0.22.0/controluwp.zip



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