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Apple could show off revolutionary ARM-based Macs on November 17

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Apple could show off revolutionary ARM-based Macs on November 17


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Having just announced the iPhone 12, it looks like Apple has one last surprise in store for us, with a renowned Apple leaker claiming the company will show off its ARM-based Mac PCs at an event on November 17.


According to Jon Prosser, who has a reputation for accurate Apple leaks (and certainly isn’t on Tim Cook’s Christmas card list any more), there will be an ARM Mac event on November 17, with confirmation coming on November 10. So, not too long to see if he’s on the money.


We wouldn’t be too surprised if this was the case. As we mentioned earlier, Prosser has a good reputation for accurate Apple leaks, and we’ve also heard from other sources that new Apple Silicon-toting Macs will make an appearance some time in November.


ARM incoming

Apple’s first ARM-based Macs are a big deal, as it marks the first time Apple will be making its own processors for its Macs and MacBooks. Recently, Intel has been Apple’s choice for providing processors for its Macs, but it seems Apple now wants greater control over the hardware in its Macs and MacBooks, much like it does with its iPhones.


It means these new Macs and MacBooks could be some of the most innovative – and exciting – computers Apple has released in a long time, boasting better performance, longer battery lives and possibly more affordable price tags.


We can’t wait to see them, so hopefully we won’t have too long to wait.



Apple could show off revolutionary ARM-based Macs on November 17



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