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[Expired] 14 - NEW Free Udemy Courses For Limited Time

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1 -  Python 3 Course: The Complete Guide (Step by Step)
Learn the most popular programming language Python.

What you'll learn

    You will learn complete Python 3 Programming
    Fundamentals on Python
    Data Types in Python
    Conditional Operations in Python
    Work with Loops in Python
    Create Python Function
    Data structure in Python
    OOP's Programming (Object Oriented Programming) in Python
    Build a Simple Dictionary

Create a Snake game in Python




2 -  Make Effective & Easy Marketing Videos Using InVideo
Learn simple, effective techniques to make beautiful social media & web promo videos using InVideo

What you'll learn

    Learn to create marketing videos for Instagram stories, Facebook videos, Whatsapp videos, etc. to promote your business
    Learn everything you need to know to get started quickly and effectively using InVideo
    Create professional eye-catching videos that grab people's attention online




3 - Get Started With NodeJS : For Beginners 2020
Start NodeJS From Scratch

What you'll learn

    Basics of NODE
    V8 Engine
    NODE Core Modules
    Creating a WEB SERVER
    Build a project
    Modern JavaScript ES6 Syntax

Third party Modules





4 -   Adobe Photoshop Course: The Complete Guide (Step by Step)
Complete step by step guide to learn Adobe Photoshop from beginner level to an advanced level (Projects Included)

What you'll learn

    You will learn to create amazing graphics with in-depth details
    Have an over-all concept on how to use Adobe Photoshop as professional Graphic Designer
    You will be able to create, edit or design your own graphics from scratch
    You will learn how to fix images, photos with color correction
    You will learn to restore images with image restoration techniques
    You will be able to remove background from any image
    You will learn to create image manipulation and much more




5 -  JavaScript Course: Complete Guide (Step by Step)
Learn in-depth Complete JavaScript from Scratch step by step

What you'll learn

    JavaScript fundamentals in-depth
    Practical Skills in implementing JavaScript usage
    You will learn all about variables, Functions, Objects, and more
    Build simple but elegant web apps with Vanilla JavaScript
    Improve codeing techniques to build better interactivity using JavaScript
    Create live Form Validation using Vanilla JavaScript
    Build interactive web pages with JavaScript and much more




6 - CodeIgniter Course: The Complete Guide (Step by Step)
Learn to build dynamic web application with CodeIgniter. In-Depth training on developing fully functional CRUD App.

 What you'll learn

    You will learn Complete CodeIgniter
    You will learn in-depth about MVC frameworks
    You will learn to build Manage System Web App with CodeIgniter
    You will learn to create Login and Registration page in CodeIgniter
    You will learn about CRUD operations in CodeIgniter
    You will learn OOP's based web development
    You will learn to host you web app online




7 -  HTML5 & CSS3 Course: The Complete Guide (Step by Step)
Learn to Build (RWD) Responsive Websites with HTML5 & CSS3




8 - WooCommerce Course: Build E-Commerce Websites (Step by Step)
Learn to Build Advanced Customized E-Commerce websites with WooCommerce




9 -   Angular 10 Course: Build Angular Apps (Step by Step)
Get started to build and development Interactive Web apps with Google's very own JavaScript framework Angular 10




10 -  Remote Teaching Online // How To Record Lectures at Home
Teaching Online & Lecture / Lesson Recording From Home For Very Beginners




11 -  AWS CSA Associate SAA-C02 Practice Exam





12 - Social Media Security 101 - Stop The Hackers!
Protect Your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter Accounts. Stop The Hackers by enabling the built in Security!




13 -  Learn HTML5 Programming From Beginner to Pro
The easiest way to learn web design, HTML step-by-step from scratch. Real World Example with HTML




14 - English Words | The Building Blocks of English Grammar | B1
Basic English/ESL grammar course on 9 parts of speech|Stop making common grammar mistakes|Speak and write confidently




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