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Pale Moon 28.13.0

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Pale Moon is an Open Source, Firefox-based web browser available for Microsoft Windows and Linux (with other operating systems in development), focusing on efficiency and ease of use. Make sure to get the most out of your browser!

Pale Moon offers you a browsing experience in a browser completely built from its own source with carefully selected features and optimizations to maximize the browser's speed*, stability and user experience, while maintaining compatibility with thousands of Firefox extensions many have come to love and rely on.


Main features:

  • Optimized for modern processors
  • Based on the Unified XUL Platform (UXP) containing our own optimized layout and rendering engine (Goanna)
  • Safe: forked from mature Mozilla code and regularly updated with the latest security patches
  • Secure: Additional security features and security-aware development
  • Supported by our user community, and fully non-profit
  • Familiar, efficient, fully customizable interface
  • Support for full themes: total freedom for any element's design
  • Support for easily-created lightweight themes (skins)
  • Smooth and speedy page drawing and script processing
  • Superior gradients and fonts
  • Increased stability: experience fewer browser crashes
  • Support for many "legacy" Firefox extensions, but please read this
  • Support for a growing number of Pale Moon exclusive extensions
  • Extensive and growing support for existing web standards


Pale Moon: Release notes

General note:
DiD This means that a fix is "Defense-in-Depth": It is a fix that does not apply to a (potentially) actively exploitable vulnerability in Pale Moon, but prevents future vulnerabilities caused by the same code, e.g. when surrounding code changes, exposing the problem, or when new attack vectors are discovered.



v28.13.0 (2020-09-04)

This is a compatibility, bugfix and security update. Special thanks to our new code contributors this cycle (you know who you are)!



  • Updated the included site-specific user-agent overrides for a number of websites that need them.
  • Rewritten the browser's padlock code to use more modern APIs and provide more accurate security status indication.
    Now also with localized tooltips!
  • Fixed a missing close button on the undo prompt after removing a thumbnail from the QuickDial new tab page.
  • Fixed an issue with the alternative stylesheet menu in the browser's UI not working.
  • Implemented the use of intrinsic aspect ratios for images to improve layout during load and page positioning.
  • Added a preference to the use of node.getRootNode and disabled by default. See implementation notes.
  • Added CSS -webkit-appearance as an alias for -moz-appearance to improve compatibility with websites that only try to use Chrome-specific keywords to style standard form elements.
  • Updated the SQLite library to 3.33.0.
  • Reinstated precise floating point precision model in JavaScript for those alternate builders who foolishly try to use the inaccurate "fast" model.
  • Improved spec compliance of modular JavaScript use (ECMAScript modules).
  • Changed media errors to be a more generic response, and added a preference (media.sourceErrorDetails.enabled) to enable detailed error reporting of media errors for debugging purposes.
    Previously, detailed errors were provided by default which could lead to privacy issues.
  • Improved code stability of the AbortController implementation.
  • Fixed a race condition in the secure connection library (NSS).
  • Security issues fixed: CVE-2020-15664, CVE-2020-15666, CVE-2020-15667, CVE-2020-15668 and CVE-2020-15669.
  • Unified XUL Platform Mozilla Security Patch Summary: 4 fixed, 1 defense-in-depth, 1 rejected, 9 not applicable.


Implementation notes:


  • In 28.11.0 we introduced node.getRootNode because some websites would fail with an error if this function was not present. Unfortunately, this caused problems with other sites that (incorrectly) assume Google WebComponents are available when this utility function is present (feature detection gone wrong). While it is considered by some to be part of the Google WebComponents implementation, it actually has utility value outside of that use. Because of the problems caused, we've added a preference and disabled it by default, fixing these kinds of websites.
    When needed, you can re-enable this function with dom.getRootNode.enabled
    This should improve web compatibility by default yet still allow users to enable this function for websites that use its utility but do not use WebComponents.



Homepage: http://www.palemoon.org/

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Portable versions:

These portables are not meant to have file/URL associations or integration with the desktop. Pale Moon portable has been specifically designed to take with you on removable media with high wear and slow access, and its default settings reflect this. Using it on a stationary computer has a number of drawbacks and is not recommended.

Updating the portable version

Although it is possible to use the built-in updater of the portable browser, this will only update the embedded version of Pale Moon and you will miss any changes or enhancements to the portable launcher or environment which will occasionally change. The recommended way of upgrading is downloading a new portable version, then copying the user folder from the old version to the new one.


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Use to love this app.. but it seems they have changed something.. after updating to this version.. installer.. 50% of my addons are now classed as not designed for palemoon. even though they all worked in 2.8.10 perfectly.


Addons installed 21  /   classed as not designed 12

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Addons installed 21  /   classed as not designed 12


That happened since version 28.11.0

 It's just a warning message because they're not directly targeting Pale Moon..

Doesn't mean that they are broken, or ceased to function ....... (for now)




.. 50% of my addons are now classed as not designed for palemoon. even though they all worked in 2.8.10 perfectly


Are they work (just with a remark/warning) ? , or are they disabled ?


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Bzipped tarballs for linux:


Download x64 tarball https://linux.palemoon.org/datastore/release/palemoon-28.13.0.linux-x86_64.tar.xz
Size: 37.93 MB
SHA-256 checksum: 106868998fe63ebebc9f592f399bbd400d94457dad23dbf091571de3b4794eba

Download x86 tarball https://linux.palemoon.org/datastore/release/palemoon-28.13.0.linux-i686.tar.xz
Size: 38.8 MB
SHA-256 checksum: 3970e99100b94cc188c6cdfd12698f64a2371a6e8616be4d328edae41b385bc8


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Rivenson they all have a yellow triangle with a ! in the middle.. 8 are still enabled.. and the rest are disabled..


doesnt really matter as i also have version as a portable which i use aswell. I only used the installed one for facebook as no longer works for actually posting.. fine for playing games..

Videos on some sites, and webstreaming sites which i watch..


Edited by andy2004
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  • 3 weeks later...

@andy2004 try these settings in about:config:


extensions.blocklist.enabled 			False
xpinstall.signatures.required			False


For users information:



Old writeup was kind of a mess. Let me just list the benefits of Pale Moon compared to Chrome or FF-based browsers:

  • First of all - even though Pale Moon was once forked from Firefox - it's development is now independent from Mozilla (archive) or Google. You can keep a clear conscience knowing you don't support two of the biggest Internet evils with your software choices.
  • It is much more secure than Firefox due to not including (by design) many of its potentially dangerous features like a PDF reader, WebRTC or DRM. Pale Moon was not affected by the critical vulnerability (archive) recently discovered in Firefox. When Mozilla's fanboys were given the chance to (archive) prove Pale Moon is less secure, there were unable to do so.
  • Pale Moon supports XUL addons which can do much more than the gimped WebExtensions. It has its own addons repository and almost everything you'd want to use in FF or Chrome has a replacement (while they will never again support XUL).
  • UI is much saner (avoids the design issues I've mentioned) - similar to Claws Mail or Geany, heavily customizable (including through themes) and does not require GTK3.
  • Pale Moon supports user choice not just in words - there's no tendency to throw undesirable settings into about:config or away altogether, unlike Mozilla. There's even an extension called Pale Moon Commander which makes it easier to set some advanced options (instead of diving into about:config). Of course, no damn extension signing so you can install whatever you want.
  • It is a community supported project with an actual forum you can have a voice on and have it be taken into account - First off, WebRTC is functional and included in the platform code, but it is not built or included in the browser because the user base as a whole voted against it with a vast majority. This underlines one key statement about the Pale Moon browser: user involvement. Mozilla, on the other hand, completely ignores user feedback while locking the bugzilla tickets and throwing you a barrage of insults.
  • Pale Moon developers are fine with rejecting features (archive) if they're considered useless or harmful.
  • Pale Moon supports your privacy, having only a few issues (all easily disabled) instead of being massive data collection platforms like Chrome or Firefox.

However, it's not all sunshine and roses for this browser. The main developers are becoming increasingly rude, unreasonable and authoritarian - in other words, Mozilla-like. Let's check out some examples:

  • Blocking the AdNauseam extension (archive) due to allegedly causing economic damage to websites. But actually, it's the ads and trackers that are causing human damage (archive) and if extensions such as AdNauseam help kill the "economy" based on them, they should be praised instead of banned. Re-enabling AdNauseam requires fiddling with about:config.
  • NoScript was another extension added to the blocklist with the "rationale" that it breaks sites (that's how it achieves its security and other benefits - same as uMatrix or adblockers). There is a big scary warning (archive) but fortunately, you could still use the extension.
  • Pale Moon's website (including the addon search integrated into the browser) is behind the evil Cloudflare MitM. The CF-loving lead dev thinks it's fine (archive) for people to be violated by CF without being notified (or worse, a way to resist) and goes around sharing that message.
  • He also hates the TOR network (archive) because the people using it dare to protect their identities or stand up to their oppressive governments.
  • A contributor created a backup of Mozilla's XUL docs (that they want to delete in December 2020) and got dubbed an insect (archive) for it by Tobin, the other main developer.
  • He is also insulting long time contributors even in commit messages for petty reasons (archive).
  • They both have hounded the OpenBSD packagers (archive) because they wanted to use system libs which would be deviating from official configuration - something the PM devs hate. They also hardcode compiler parameters, especially with libvpx to use specific opcodes instead of using whatever the user or operating system sets ${CFLAGS}/${CXXFLAGS} to, breaking portability with different CPUs and operating systems.
  • Pale Moon now has WebAssembly enabled by default (archive), the whole point of which (archive) is pushing cancer such as AAA games that have heavy assets, VR and augmented reality and Live video augmentation onto web browsers. Talk about scope creep! It pretty much turns your web browser into another operating system since it's literally assembly to which you can compile other languages and run all kinds of "apps". Of course, you can imagine all the new security vulnerabilities coming along with that. And just a year ago it was a not recommended technology (archive)...
  • And the icing on the cake - they've now started forbidding direct addon downloads (archive) - much to the dismay of many (archive) users (archive). Tobin has called wanting to actually have control over your extensions obsessive packrat tendancies.. and Moonchild followed with hoarding addiction. Now contrast that attitude with the quotes on their main page - Your browser, Your way or offering full customization. Doesn't this sound familiar?

Don't get me wrong, Pale Moon is a good browser overall - and both Moonchild and Tobin deserve a thank you for making it what it is (alongside many other contributors). What they did was truly brave and revolutionary; without them, we'd still be stuck with a duopoly of Google and Mozilla. However - same as the latter slowly turned from the hero into the villain - so does Pale Moon appear to be in the beginning stages of degradation. I don't want to be a doomer here but we might have to move on soon; and as the Mozilla situation has shown - it's better to do that at the early signs of damage. Fortunately there's a rescue ship on the way already:




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On 9/4/2020 at 7:39 AM, andy2004 said:

Use to love this app.. but it seems they have changed something.. after updating to this version.. installer.. 50% of my addons are now classed as not designed for palemoon. even though they all worked in 2.8.10 perfectly.


Addons installed 21  /   classed as not designed 12

You might try checkCompatibility2 (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/checkcompatibility2/) extension but make sure you have Classic Add-ons Archive (https://github.com/JustOff/ca-archive/) installed first.  This was a good extension for installing older add-ons on newer versions.  Also you could manually edit the XPI file to make it compatible; the XPI file is basically a ZIP file.  Once unzipped to a folder you can edit the text file that contains the compatibility info to target the newer versions.

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leland added both..

Rinsewind modified both keys..


addons still showing as not designed for palemoon and may not function.. 14 out of whats installed. but its OK.. its working on the sites i use..

and i still the older version as a portable for othersites where the addons are used.


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On 9/5/2020 at 12:39 AM, andy2004 said:

Use to love this app.. but it seems they have changed something.. after updating to this version.. installer.. 50% of my addons are now classed as not designed for palemoon. even though they all worked in 2.8.10 perfectly.


Addons installed 21  /   classed as not designed 12

What addons in particular are you having problems with?

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blocksite plus 1.1.1
Clean links 2.7.1
Cleanest addon manager
Skipaddon compatibility check
TinEye reverse image search
Bookmarks checker
Cookies Manager
Customize your web
Download helper
Password exporter


all have the yellow triangle with the ! in the middle saying was not designed for palemoon.. version 28+ and yet on older versions of palemoon did work perfectly, as in version 27.9.3 which i have as  portable.

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4 hours ago, andy2004 said:

leland added both..

Rinsewind modified both keys..


addons still showing as not designed for palemoon and may not function.. 14 out of whats installed. but its OK.. its working on the sites i use..

and i still the older version as a portable for othersites where the addons are used.


Then probably modifying the XPI file is the best fix.  I would install FEBE (http://softwarebychuck.com/febe/febe.html) to make a backup both selective and full.  Then rename the XPI to ZIP and unzip it to a folder.  I see FEBE now has a Palemoon specific version.  You can download it plus one of the older versions to see an example of what is needed to manually make the XPI file.  You can then rezip the folder then rename it from .ZIP to .XPI and install it.

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option 2.. use an older portable version of palemoon.. oh wait i've already got one.. same addons fully working..

it was some video site like youtube etc that wouldnt play correctly or at all due to removing flashplayer and moving over to the html5..

still getting it with some sites where using the latest palemoon video are still not playing.. just says to quote 1 of the pages

Yahoo.co.uk.. reading a news story and theres a video. as an example.

Something went wrong
Unfortunately, an error occurred. To try again, refresh the browser.
But youtube plays videos perfectly. could be some setting i guess or maybe an addon
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@andy2004 I wonder the same thing as @Mystique wrote earlier:


2 hours ago, Mystique said:

What addons in particular are you having problems with?


Can you please list all addons that doesn't work at all for you in latest Pale Moon 28.13.0?


Can you also write the exact link to that yahoo.co.uk page you wrote that you can't play the video? I want to test if it works for me.

Edited by MartinAero
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posted a list of all addon which are currently showing up as not made for palemoon.. with  ! inside a triangle

screenshot added.. using palemoon 28.13.0 (32bit) and yes i know there is a 64bit version. but due to flashplayer. being 32bit,.


yahoo news link pretty much any video using yahoo news.yahoo news link




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I myself am not using the official Palemoon.  I am using version programmed bu Roy Tam at http://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/search/label/browser   specifically Basilisk 55 with LAV DLL files for media.  For me this works well on older and newer versions of Windows though he specifically specializes in making Windows XP compatible versions.  He also has various other Palemoon variations.  You might want to give it a try.  Backup your profile with FEBE and then start with a new profile and restore it into the new software.  It may work better for you going forward and Roy updates his software on a regular basis.

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this should be fun.. looking at my portable palemoon.. it would seem i could use the one you mention above.. simply by installing into a newly created folder with the structure.. and just copy my user folder into it.. everything looks the same as in files in the folder name palemoon.. from the archive downloaded from the above link.. so technically if i put that archive extracted into that.. it would work.. logically..


example of my theory..

main folder of palemoon portable..   palemoonportable.exe + ini file... with folders. Bin/palemoon  <where palemoon is place aka the installer extracted..  User where all my addons\ user prefs\ cache is located.. 

so if i copy this structure.. and replace the bin/palemoon with the above from your link.. it should run as installed. but portable.


ok then.. the palemoon 28.10.2a1 called newmoon put in the folder i said.. so working as a portable.. first thing..

went to yahoo to see the if the same issue with video on yahoo.. video is now WORKING..  also seems a lot faster than the proper palemoon 28.13.. anyway.. video is working.. now to test the addons.


Edited by andy2004
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20 minutes ago, andy2004 said:

yahoo news link pretty much any video using yahoo news.yahoo news link


I tested the video, it worked for me to play in latest Pale Moon.


About the addons, please only write the ones that doesn't work at all for you. Even if addons have the triangle it doesn't mean they don't work any longer. It just means they may not work because they are not designed for Pale Moon. I also have several addons with warning triangle but all of them still works anyway.


That's why it's important you only list the addons that doesn't work at all you. Otherwise it's very hard to troubleshoot.


And about Flash Player, you can use 64-bit Pale Moon together with this:


First run uninstaller: http://download.macromedia.com/get/flashplayer/current/support/uninstall_flash_player.exe

Then install: https://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/latest/help/install_flash_player.exe



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i have the latest flashplayer installed.. just didnt know i could use 32bit version of it on a 64bit build of palemoon

what a dumbass i am.. fixed the yahoo video.. Doh!!!!... ublockorigin.. had yahoo video api disabled.


my idea of how to make the other unofficial portable worked.. on it now.. all the ! triangles have gone.. so its like i have 27.9.3 installed, but its actually 28.10,2a1,, even though in the bar at the top it said 28.13.. lol.. something i did i'm sure..


thanks leland for his link.


Edited by andy2004
added image..
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Excellent suggestions and a working solution. This is what happens when real people politely work together to solve problems.


It would be ideal if all classic Firefox, Waterfox, Pale Moon etc. enthusiasts united to make a new feature-rich browser with full privacy and security as standard. I would call it...


Phoenix Browser: The Internet, Reborn

"A browser by the users for the users"


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