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Google teases the Pixel 4a as coming on August 3

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Google teases the Pixel 4a as coming on August 3


Leaks for Google's Pixel 4a go back as far as last December, and it makes sense, given that the device was supposed to launch at Google's I/O conference in May. There was just one problem though. Google I/O 2020 ended up being canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Ever since then, it seemed like the Pixel 4a just kept getting pushed back. But now, there's a firm date, as Google teased on its own store today. The device will be announced on August 3, as was previously rumored.


The landing page for the listing shows the words, "The Google", followed by a series of gray blocks. You can change the color of the blocks by clicking on the, and you'll want to arrange them in the following order: blue, red, yellow, blue, green, red. Once you do that, the blocks disappear and the phrase becomes, "The Google Just What You've Been Waiting For Phone". It might be a nod to how long we've all been waiting for this thing to launch.


It's followed by some Lorem Ipsum text, with a few phrases like "megapixelum", "longlastingis batterum", "lowlightena capturum", and more.


The handset is expected to arrive with a Snapdragon 730 chipset, 6GB RAM, and a 5.81-inch FHD+ OLED screen. It will support 18W charging, and will include the 12.2MP camera that Google's been using.



Google teases the Pixel 4a as coming on August 3



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