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PhotoGIMP v2020

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PhotoGIMP benefits:
• Adds the Adobe Photoshop user interface to GIMP.
• Using shortcuts from Adobe Photoshop in GIMP.

The PhotoGIMP tool is a modification for the image editing program GIMP. Since its interface is very different from Adobe's Photoshop, some users don't get along with this alternative. PhotoGIMP helps you by modifying the interface of GIMP to look like Adobe Photoshop. It also brings new fonts and shortcuts familiar from Adobe Photoshop for ease of use.

If you do not have GIMP yet, you can download it there: GIMP


A simple patch for GIMP 2.10+ to support all former Photoshop users.
• Tool organization to mimic the position of Adobe's Photoshop;
• Hundreds of new fonts by default;
• New Python filters installed by default, such as "heal selection";
• New Splash Screen
• New default settings to maximize space on the canvas;
• Shortcuts setted for the similars on Photoshop, following Adobe's Documentation;
• New icon and Name from custom .desktop file.
• The new default language is English (you can still change in the Settings if you want)


How to Install

This build is all about flatpak, but also "just files" that you can use on any version of GIMP (.deb,.rpm, Snap, AppImage, Windows, macOS), just check the localization of the GIMP files on every system/package.


Preparing the Flatpak enviroment

First of all, you need to have the latest GIMP installed on your system using Flatpak

Install GIMP Flatpak through your AppCenter/Package Manager or terminal: flatpak install flathub org.gimp.GIMP


Installing this Patch (PhotoGIMP)

Inside of the .zip file from the releases page you'll find three hidden folders (on Linux, using the dot before its name). All of this folders has to be extracted on your /home/$USER folder, overriting everything if you already has the same files from an older installation.


The file has this directories:

.icons (which has a new PhotoGIMP icon)

.local (which contains the personalized .desktop file)

.var (which contains the flatpak patch customization for GIMP 2.10+)


If you just want the PhotoGIMP custom without change the original GIMP icon and its name, just extract only the .var folder to your home directory.


Changes in v2020: some minor improvements.


Homepage: https://github.com/Diolinux/PhotoGIMP

Download:  https://github.com/Diolinux/PhotoGIMP/releases/download/1.0/PhotoGIMP.by.Diolinux.v2020.for.Flatpak.zip

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