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The Windows 10 May 2020 Update is causing major hard drive management issues

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The Windows 10 May 2020 Update is causing major hard drive management issues

We reported earlier that Microsoft has been informed of the Fresh Start issue with Windows 10 2004, but that at least this did not result in data loss and was therefore not that serious.


It seems that issue was just a harbinger of more serious issues, as Windows 10 2004 appears to have multiple issues with hard disk drive management, with uses reporting issues even with the RTM version.




The first is the most serious – users are reporting issues with Storage Spaces – Microsoft’s version of Software RAID, which pools a number of physical hard drives into a virtual drive and then mirrors data throughout the volume.


WindowsLatest reports that users are complaining of issues being able to create new Storage spaces, running into the error:

Cannot create new Storage Space. Error (0x00000057): The parameter is incorrect.

It is notable that users have been complaining of the problem in the Feedback Hub for months now, with one user saying 9 months ago:

Hard to explain in detail, but Storage Space management doesn’t work very well via the GUI. I am able to manage storage pools, spaces, physical disks, etc. fine through PowerShell, but the GUI encountered issues at every step. Maybe storage space management should be modernized to follow the Server Manager model where it just issues a PowerShell script that is visible to the end user.

Even worse, some users are reporting that the problems are causing data loss.

“My 20 TB parity storage space shows up now as raw, no accessible files. Storage Spaces tool and Powershell show it as healthy, containing data. Looks like the ReFS partition has been corrupted, and I may have to fork out cash on recovery software and some external drives to copy files to so I can rebuild.”

and another…

“I started noticing corrupt photos I keep on my parity storage space in the last week. No errors in chkdsk though. Luckily I’ve been able to restore the images from backup and the corrupt versions haven’t been synched back to OneDrive,” another user added.

Compared to the Storage Spaces issue the next issue is much more minor.




After upgrading to the Windows 10 May 2020 Update, users are reporting that the Optimize Drive tool is not recording the dates of the last manual or automatic scan, meaning despite a recent scan, Windows often complains that your drive has never been optimised and that the tool needs to be run.


One user notes:

Defrag Tool not working correctly, will scan and finalize even shows the date and defrag percentage as it should, that is until you close the application, then it shows Never Ran

Users have been complaining about the issue for at least 6 months now.


As Brett P notes:





The Windows 10 May 2020 Update is causing major hard drive management issues



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This defrag bug was reported since the time 19041.1 was released to the public back on 10th December 2019. They have had almost 6 months to polish it. This build 19041.329 even has a bug where the below commands still don't cleanup previous CUs and Flash updates.

Dism.exe /online /Cleanup-Image /AnalyzeComponentStore
Dism.exe /online /Cleanup-Image /StartComponentCleanup

Try it and you will see that previous Flash updates are still appearing in Add Remove Updates list. This is causing Component Store corruption and sfc/scannow is unable to detect problems and unable to correct them. If you perform Disk Cleanup of C Drive, chances are some previous updates remain stuck and show 50 MB to 3 GB space unable to be cleared inspite of running Disk Cleanup multiple times. 


Another new issue discovered is that some users are unable to Reset their PC from within Windows Settings -> Update & Security -> Recovery -> Reset this PC (Button doesn't appear)


My personal opinion is that 19041 build is completely borked build and should be skipped if possible by blocking it in Windows Update. Jump over to 20H2 build in October 2020.

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On top of the issues, there's another issue as well.

The Windows 10 defragger is trying to trim non-SSD drives.


The trim feature allows an operating system to tell an SSD drive when data is no longer being used and can be wiped on the drive.


As this is an SSD-specific feature, it is strange that the Windows 10 defragger is attempting to perform it on fixed disks when optimizing them.

Trying to trim a non-SSD drive

Trying to trim a non-SSD drive

This procedure fails, as non-SSD drives do not support the trim command.

Source: Windows 10 Alert: Defragger bug defrags SSD Drives too often (via Bleeping Computer)

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I am still trying to glue my jaw pieces back to its former shape after it fell on the floor and shattered into pieces upon seeing the phrase "20 TB parity storage space".


Dude must be a video editor or something. I am yet to see that number outside the SAN realm.

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