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KillProcess 4.3

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KillProcess 4.3


Homepage : http://www.tgmdev.be


KillProcess is a Windows Utility used to kill any process, including services, running on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. KillProcess  is a small software application that helps you identify all processes that are currently running on your computer and kill them. KillProcess gives you the possibility to query an online library in order to view details about a process, such as author, file size, common path, and safety status.
At startup, the application enumerates the processes currently running in the system address space. It then fills the control with the names and identifiers of those running processes.

Process Enumeration
Kill Selected Process Individually
Kill Several Applications at the same time.
Give Main Information on Individual Process (Right-Click Menu)
Auslogics Software Pty Ltd (Right-Click Menu)
Provide Help to Get More Information about Process by Linking to Google (Right-Click Menu)
Give Necessary Warnings when Killing Critical Process is Requested
Add Process to Scan List for Automatic and Periodic Kill

Kill Process 4.3

Release Date: 30 May 2020

    Minimize to Tray: New option added to Minimize in the Taskbar (as usual) and in the System Tray
    Improved Timer Precision during Scan and Kill using Windows Timer Queue
    Improvement of the Dialog Box for Configuration of KillProcess 4.3 Scan and Kill
    Improved Description of Events and Data Display in Action Log of KillProcess
    Integration with the New Web Layout and URLs for KillProcess 4.3
    Improvement of KillProcess 4.3 Reaction on Database Loss
    Overall Obsolete Code Cleanup (KillProcess 4.2 was designed several years ago ....)
    Update of KillProcess About Box: Switch to the New TGMDev Standard with Scrolling Links to Web Sites

Download :
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Download link changed.

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@flash13 Download link changed as requested by the Developer.

Members are requested not to link directly to KillProcess_Setup.exe in future.

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