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Firefox 78 comes with option to view blocked resources

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Firefox 78 comes with option to view blocked resources

Firefox 78 Stable will support options to view website resources that were blocked during page load.


Some site content may not be loaded; a common reason for that is that users make use of built-in on third-party content blocking options. While content blocking, e.g. to block ads or tracking, are common, there are also other reasons such as resources that time out or cut server connections.


Up until now, Firefox did not list the blocked resources in the list of network connections when opening sites in the web browser.




The information may be displayed by the used tools but that depends on the used tool.


Firefox 78 comes with a new option to analyze blocked connections; the information is useful to site owners and developers for the most part, but home users may also find it useful if they notice that content is not loaded on certain sites.


All that is required is to tap on the F12 shortcut to open the Developer Tools of the web browser. Select the Network tab when the Developer Tools interface is ready. Every item that is listed in red has not been loaded.


The reason for that is provided as well, e.g. Firefox might display "blocked by uBlock Origin" if the extension is installed and active. Users may also see Tracking Protection or other blocker extensions as the reason for the blocking.


A click on the "transferred" column sorts the entire listing of connections based on the data of that column so that it is easy to analyze all resources that were blocked in the browser during connection to the site.


The developer tools provide no option to allow blocked connections; this needs to be managed in the blocking options of Firefox or the extension instead.


The new feature is already available in developer versions of the Firefox web browser. Firefox 78 Stable will be released on June 30, 2020 according to the browser's release schedule.

Closing Words

Extension developers and webmasters may appreciate the new option the most but it may also be useful for home users who want to figure out why content is not loaded on a specific site.



Source: Firefox 78 comes with option to view blocked resources (gHacks - Martin Brinkmann)

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These last days, I had met this error : "PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR" on the internet.

Finally I had found one or two solution :

  • 1) Open the page "about:preferences"
  • 2) Then click on the button to define the "Network Settings"
  • 3.1) First Choice : just under "Configure Proxy Access to the Internet" check the box called "No proxy"
  • 3.2) Second choice : "Enable DNS over HTTPS" and define which providre you want to use : "NextDNS or Cloudflare"

To conclude, I will assume something was buggy with my VPN ! Because after this change, the error has vanished (at least for the moment with Firefox-v78).


PS : In the case, I add this article and one picture because it might help the other people.

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