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(Guide/Review) Copy the URLs of every tab in Firefox with a single click using Copy All Tab URLs

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Copy the URLs of every tab in Firefox with a single click using Copy All Tab URLs

Do you have a lot of tabs open and don't know which ones to close? That's not unusual, most of us don't want to lose our browsing sessions. There could be some important tabs hiding here and there.




If you want to use the old-school technique, you can save a list of all your tabs in a text file. While that may be simple to say, it could be a time-consuming task if you have dozens or hundreds of tabs open.


You can quickly start fresh without losing the session using various add-ons. Copy All Tab URLs is a Firefox extension that can help you save all the links with a single-click of the mouse.


The extension may also be useful if you want to process the links in a different application, e.g. a website downloader, third-party bookmarks manager or other tool that accepts links.

How to use the add-on

The extension places a button on the toolbar. All you have to do is click on it. The URLs of every single tab will be copied to the clipboard in plain text format. It's done in a split-second, that's what I call user-friendly. You can paste the list in any text editor to save it for future use. Copy All Tab URLs displays a notification in the bottom right corner, when you click on its button, to indicate the copy action has been completed.


The notification contains some useful information such as the number of links that were copied, it also indicates which capturing method was used, and the format that the content has been saved to. I'll explain what these are in a bit.


Right-click on the add-on's icon and select "Options" to manage its settings. There are just three options to choose from to modify the URL capturing method.


Copy All Tab URLs settings

Tabs to Copy

This option changes the behavior of the extension; by default, the setting that Copy All Tab URLs follows is to only capture the links from the current window. You can toggle the setting, if you want to capture URLs from all windows that you have opened.

URLs to Copy

The default copy method is to save the URLs from all tabs. Enable the "Only Web" option to force the add-on to only copy those links which begin with http or https. This is useful if you don't want to save local links (about:addons or local HTML, images, PDFs etc), ftp links, etc.




Copy All Tab URLs can save the links in one of 3 available text formats. The format that's used by default is URL, i.e. the add-on saves the web addresses to the clipboard.

e.g. https://www.ghacks.net/2020/05/05/here-is-what-is-new-and-changed-in-firefox-76-0/

Copy All Tab URLs


Select the "Title and URL" option and the extension will save the title of each tab in addition to the URLs. Copy All Tab URLs adds a line break after the title, and this is followed by the URL of the tab. This format makes the list of tabs clean and easy to read, especially you have many tabs loaded.

e.g. Mozilla implements experimental AVIF image support in Firefox Nightly - gHacks Tech News

Copy All Tab URLs and title


The last option is Markdown, which saves the title and the URL of each tab in the following format: [Title](Link).

For e.g. [Dark Background and Light Text is probably the best dark Firefox add-on - gHacks Tech News](https://www.ghacks.net/2020/05/04/dark-background-and-light-text-is-probably-the-best-dark-firefox-add-on/)

Copy All Tab URLs markdown


Personally, I liked the default option as it can be used with extensions such as OneTab that allow you to import URLs from a plain text list. Of course, you could use OneTab, Tabs Aside, Tab Session Manager which offer easier options to backup and restore sessions.


Landing Page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/copy-all-tab-urls-we/



Source: Copy the URLs of every tab in Firefox with a single click using Copy All Tab URLs (gHacks - Ashwin)

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