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Firefox 76.0.1 fixes a Windows crash and a bug in extensions

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Firefox 76.0.1 fixes a Windows crash and a bug in extensions

Mozilla is currently working on publishing Firefox 76.0.1 Stable to the public. The new version of the Firefox web browser is a bug fix release that addresses two issues found in previous versions of the web browser.


Firefox 76.0.1 is a minor release. Mozilla plans to release it on May 8, 2020 to the public. The release is not yet available officially. Once it is available, users may download the new version from the official Mozilla website or use the built-in updating feature of the Firefox web browser to get the update installed automatically on the device it is run on.

Firefox 76.0.1

firefox 76.0.1


Firefox 76.0.1 addresses two bugs. The new version of Firefox is released just days after the release of Firefox 76.0 Stable; this happens usually when major issues, e.g. security issues, crashes, or compatibility issues, are discovered.


Firefox 76.0.1 fixes a crash that occurs in earlier versions on 32-bit Windows devices if certain nVidia drivers are installed on the device. The bug report reveals that the issue accounted for about 7% of all tab crashes since the release of Firefox 76.0.


Mozilla notes:

This patch switches string literals depending on the platform. No logic change. More specifically, we take care of nvd3d9wrap.dll and nvinit.dll for x86, keeping nvd3d9wrapx.dll and nvinitx.dll for x64, to align with Nvidia's naming rule.

The second bug impacts the functionality of some add-ons. Mozilla mentions the Amazon Assistant extension for Firefox specifically but mentions that the issue impacted other extensions as well.


The bug report focuses on Amazon's extension for Firefox. The reporter notes that the extension would not load the information (Amazon Home feed) when activated, and the issue appeared only in Firefox 76 and not Firefox 75 but affected Firefox on all supported desktop platforms.


Mozilla found the bug quickly:

This bug is caused by runtime.onConnect unexpectedly triggering in the browser action popup panel. (EDIT: not just browser action popups but any other extension page, such as extension tabs and background pages).

This should not happen, the runtime.onConnect event should not be triggered when the event is registered in the same location as runtime.connect.

The official release notes of Firefox 76.0.1 will be published here.



Source: Firefox 76.0.1 fixes a Windows crash and a bug in extensions (gHacks - Martin Brinkmann)

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