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Here is what is new and changed in Firefox 76.0

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Here is what is new and changed in Firefox 76.0

Firefox 76.0 is the latest stable version of Mozilla's Firefox web browser. The release date of the web browser is May 5, 2020. Previous Firefox Stable releases, including Firefox 75.0, will be upgraded to the new version automatically on systems with automatic updates.


All Firefox channels are upgraded to new versions at the same time. Firefox Beta and Developer versions of Firefox are moved to 77.0, Firefox Nightly jumps to 78.0, and Firefox ESR is upgraded to 68.8.


Firefox for Android, the soon to be replaced version of Firefox for the mobile operating system, follows the Firefox ESR versioning and is also upgraded to 68.8.


The next stable release of Firefox, Firefox 77.0, is scheduled for a June 2, 2020 release.

Executive Summary

  • Firefox 76.0 improves the built-in password manager in several meaningful ways.
  • WebRender continues to be rolled out.

Firefox 76.0 download and update



Mozilla will release Firefox 76.0 officially on May 5, 2020. Note that the new release may not yet be available at the time of publication.


Firefox 76.0 will be available via the web browser's automatic updating functionality as well as direct downloads. You may select Menu > Help > About Firefox to run a check for updates.


The following pages list direct downloads for supported Firefox channels (will be available later on May 5, 2020)

Firefox 76.0 Changes

Firefox Password Manager (Lockwise) improvements




Mozilla improved the built-in password manager of the Firefox web browser in several ways in Firefox 76.0.

  • Breach alerts inform users in the password manager when sites with saved credentials have been breached.
  • If a breached account password is used on other sites, Firefox will prompt users to update the password on these sites as well to stay secure.
  • Password generation extended to cover more sites on the Internet. Firefox will suggest a secure complex password when you select the password field.
  • Firefox protects saved passwords against local snooping if no master password has been set by prompting for the user account password on Windows and Macintosh systems before revealing passwords.

Other changes

  • Picture-in-Picture mode got a new double-click option to switch between fullscreen mode and default size.
  • Support for Audio Worklets allows Firefox users to join Zoom calls on Firefox directly; additional components don't need to be downloaded anymore.
  • WebRender rollout expands to modern Intel laptops with screen resolutions lower than 1920x1200.
  • Minor changes to the address bar:
    • address bar field shadow is reduced in with when new tabs are opened.
    • bookmarks toolbar size expanded slightly (for touchscreen users).

Firefox for Android

Mozilla lists "various stability and security fixes" without providing details.

Developer Changes

  • Deferred scripts will be run after stylesheets are loaded.
  • Firefox supports CSS4 system colors.
  • Firefox supports audio worklets by default.
  • Attempts to navigate to an unknown protocol using methods such as location.href are now blocked.
  • double-click on table headers in the network requests table resizes columns to fit the width of the content.

Known Issues

  • Audio playback is not working if 32-bit versions of Firefox are run from a network drive.

Security updates / fixes

Security updates are revealed after the official release of the web browser. You find the information published here.


Additional information / sources


Source: Here is what is new and changed in Firefox 76.0 (gHacks - Martin Brinkmann)

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