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(Guide/Review) Dark Background and Light Text is probably the best dark Firefox add-on

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Dark Background and Light Text is probably the best dark Firefox add-on

Dark Background and Light Text is a dark theme add-on for the Firefox web browser that converts the color scheme of webpages to a black background and light text by default; it comes with support for different styles, and can be disabled on individual sites.


Some users prefer dark themes or websites; operating system developers such as Google or Microsoft have launched support for dark themes in recent years, and browsers like Firefox or Chrome support extensions that can change the color scheme of webpages to make them darker.


Some add-ons cause readability issues and require manual adjustments; Dark Background and Light Text is a popular browser extension for Firefox that is considered by many the best extension of its kind for the browser. Note that we have reviewed several dark theme extensions for Firefox in the past; you may want to check out reviews of automaticDark and Dark Reader as well.




All you have to do is install the extension in Firefox to start using it. Any site you visit, with the notable exception of internal pages and some Mozilla domains, will be converted to a dark color scheme automatically. You can click on the icon that the extension places in the Firefox address bar to disable its functionality on the active page or to change the algorithm that is used to change the color scheme.


One of the main goals of the extension is to ensure that text, including links, is readable when dark mode is active. The extension does a good job at that by default but you can change the colors that it uses for certain elements to customize the look and feel. Options to change the processing, e.g. to invert, are also available.


A click on the settings option displays the colors that are used for elements; there you also find the default processing option and the list of custom configurations for individual sites.




You may change the following colors in the settings:

  • Default foreground color.
  • Default background color.
  • Default link color.
  • Default visited link color.
  • Default active link color.
  • Default selection color.

Just click on the color or edit the Hex code directly; a reset option is available as well. Dark Background and Light Text comes with two hotkeys that you may use to toggle its functionality. F2 works only on the active tab and enables or disables the functionality on it. Ctrl-Shift-D toggles Enabled globally instead.

Closing Words

A dark theme extension is a good addition to the web browser of choice if you prefer black or darker themes on your devices. Dark Background and Light Text worked well during tests and unlike some other extensions, did not make sites unreadable.


Landing Page: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/dark-background-light-text/



Source: Dark Background and Light Text is probably the best dark Firefox add-on (gHacks - Martin Brinkmann)

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