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How to delete Twitter’s storage cache from your iPhone

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How to delete Twitter’s storage cache from your iPhone

Because every MB is precious


Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Whether you’ve got an older iPhone with less internal storage or would rather save that space for music, photos, and other content, it’s always good practice to clear the data cache from various apps to make room for what you really need on your phone. Twitter currently lets iOS users do this directly from the app, which helps to prevent your iPhone from becoming bloated with preloaded videos, GIFs, and memes you don’t necessarily need to see immediately.


Here’s how to wipe out your data cache and make up some extra storage space.

  • First, open up the Twitter mobile app, and tap your profile’s avatar in the upper-left corner. This will bring out the left-hand drawer. You can also swipe to the right anywhere on your Twitter stream if you do not see your avatar on the top corner.
  • Tap “Settings and privacy”
  • Under the “General” category, tap “Data usage”
  • Beneath the “Storage” subhead, you’ll see how much space your Twitter app has been using to cache web and media data
  • To clear them, tap each one then select “Clear media storage” and / or “Clear web storage” to save some space

You can choose to only clear one instead of both if you’re not super pressed for storage or just want to clear the cache that’s taking up a lot more space.


To limit data usage by the Twitter app, in general, you can also toggle on “Data saver” from the same “Data usage” menu. This will disable autoplaying videos and display lower-quality images. Instead, to play a video, you’ll have to manually tap the preview image.


Even with “Data saver” turned on, it’s still a good idea to clear the cache every so often if you’re worried about the Twitter app taking up precious storage space on your phone. There’s no way to schedule it to automatically clear the caches just yet, so for now, you’ll have to remind yourself to manually empty them regularly.



Source: How to delete Twitter’s storage cache from your iPhone (The Verge)

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