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which partition is better MBR or GPT

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1 hour ago, duddy said:

Dear @Israeli_Eagle,

Does encrypting the partitions by BitLocker save your system and other data from a Ransomware attack too?

In the recent past, I lost all my personal data on non-system device to such an attack. Noting could be recovered.


Via PM answered.

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some technical read on website


Now LBAs under MBR partitions are addressed using 32-bit values, the maximum of which is 2^32 or 4294967296. Each LBA on a hard drive corresponds to a 512-byte sector value (even on 4K advance format drives, they still appear as 512-byte sector drives to the OS), so the largest partition you can have in a MBR partitioned drive is 4294967296 * 512-bytes or 2,199,023,255,552 bytes.

Hard drive manufacturers define 1TB as 1 trillion bytes. If we use that definition then the largest 32-bit MBR partition would be 2.199TB (2,199,023,255,552 bytes / 1,000,000,000,000). If we define 1TB as 1024^4 bytes (TiB) then the largest 32-bit MBR partition would be 2TiB (2,199,023,255,552 bytes / 1,099,511,627,776). Either way, with a 3TB drive there’s no way we’re getting a single 3TB partition using MBR.

my main system using mbr with ntfs for easy format and simple use....

my 4tb hdd for data i format using gpt for a single drive ( xp cannot read it) XP 32bit cannot access GPT disks. Also XP has a hard time with the newer 512e and advanced format disk.


my conclusion is gpt is use for uefi boot and hdd size over 2tb ( to format into large size hdd volume)


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GPT with CSM disabled (Pure UEFI mode) can activate your monitor's native resolution without installation of graphics drivers.

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On 6/12/2020 at 6:57 AM, opr said:


whoa that sucks.  i usually thought the downloads here are pretty safe.  do you know if this HD Clone 9 destroyed your data because it detected the patch and took revenge?  that will be damn nasty.

Hi dear friend @opr,


My case is not isolated, at least in Internet searches, version 9, no patch can safely leave the use, as the company's stance in destroying the data of those who use its cracked or modified software, I think incoherent, because in the my case was using to test and find out if it really was better than others of the genre and then buy a legitimate license, but acting in this way all they managed to do was make me give up their product and still not refer it to anyone, quite the contrary to everyone I know to never buy anything from them ...

If su had used it and liked the result, I would have bought a license and still indicate to whom I know, in my case they lost twice, I lost some data, but they lost a client and several others that I could have indicated.

I even tried to contact them and reporting said that I was willing to buy the original software, in case they gave a solution to my data loss and I didn't even get a response, which proves to be a company without any respect for customers and they also don't deserve them ...





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6 hours ago, ashish1989 said:

MBR is better




GPT comes with with a type of mbr recovery for legacy, where MBR does not have GPT recovery.

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