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NoxPlayer is the best free Android emulator leading in technology and performance. It brings the best experience for users to play Android games and apps on Windows and Mac OS.

This application has some useful settings, including options to change your screen resolutions and other. You can root and access blocked features on your android using iRoot for PC.

NoxPlayer is stable, efficient and powerful. It ensures the fast response – bigger screen, easier operation.


The software gives the access to many games that you can control easily using different assistive utilities. You can use the mouse, keyboard or gamepad to play, giving us better control of plays. Full use of the keyboard proved especially handy when playing action role play games.


In addition, NoxPlayer also has support for several input/output devices – apart from the standard mouse and keyboard support, it also has compatibility for gamepads and controllers. The camera and microphone integration are basic functions. Also you can also map the WASD key to control your character in the game, and you can set other keys to release skills or take shots.


The multiplayer mode is an innovative feature which makes it possible for users to run several NoxPlayer window at the same time. Each window could run a different app/game. So instead of pushing other apps to the background, user can switch between them with ease on the same computer screen. This is like having several phones for real-time multi-tasking. 

  • Google Play store is already integrated, so no need to download or integrate it again
  • Just with a click, you can open unlimited multiplayer windows
  • No need to download APKs if you already have it in your PC. Just drag and drop them into Nox App Player and go for it
  • Customizing CPU, RAM and resolution are now possible with NoxPlayer. Bluestacks still doesn’t give this option.
  • You can easily backup the Nox data in your computer itself
  • Has a button to On/Off the root mode
  • Capture a picture in Nox and it will be automatically saved in your PC
  • Now record videos of whatever you want in this emulator
  • Operation tips also added to navigate users in a right way
  • Nox App Player allows you to customize the sidebar options as well





v6.6.0.3 (2020-02-27)

What’s new

  • Add macro in the handle configuration to make the operation more convenient.


  • Optimize partial interactive experience.


v6.6.0.2 (2020-02-17)

What’s new

  • Add the wallpaper and support to customize the wallpaper (which is only available to Android 5)
  • Macro recorder, Video recorder, and sync assistant supports to search, rank, delete and drag the windows in bulk now
  • Add ASTC setting, which makes the game graphics clearer


  • Optimize the experience of multi-instance arrangement


v6.6.0.1 (2020-01-21)

What’s New

  • NoxPlayer will recommend the best performance settings based on different games
  • Sound settings added to the system settings. Allow users to change the speakers manually in case of problems.
  • Computer model added to the System info. Help users to get into BIOS to enable VT.
  • Controller icon added in the toolbar


  • The user interface of Video recorder. Allow users to use the Video recorder more convenient.
  • The width of the toolbar.Narrowed the toolbar when only show the icons.
  • The function of creating shortcuts. Allow users to create a shortcut of the game directly to the computer desktop
  • The content and the logic of some pop-ups. Provide a better experience for the users


  • The problem of PrtScn when changing the saving path of files




Homepage: https://www.bignox.com

Release Date: 2020-02-27

OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 / Mac OS X
Language: Multilingual



DOWNLOAD (Windows):

Installer (377.68 MB) : https://res06.bignox.com/full/20200226/04a3da68d798470c916d0d07db15e0cf.exe?filename=nox_setup_v6.6.0.3_full_intl.exe



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