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Google Chrome's fear of Microsoft Edge is revealing its bad side

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Chrome is seducing Microsoft Edge users with enticing bribes



(Image credit: Microsoft)


Google is figuratively batting its eyelashes and puckering its lips in an attempt to seduce Microsoft Edge users to its industry-dominating Chrome browser.


Users of the new Chrominium-based Microsoft Edge are being aggressively targeted on popular Google platforms with messages urging Edge users to switch to Chrome, 9to5Google reports.

"To use docs offline," Chrome wrote in its alluring message to Edge users, "upgrade to Chrome." The pop-up, of course, is insinuating that Edge users won't be able to enjoy the full scope of Google Docs' features -- offline usage included -- by limiting themselves to Microsoft Edge.


Docs isn't the only platform Google is using to seduce Edge users into using Chrome.


"Google is also showing these 'Switch to Chrome' pop-ups to Microsoft Edge users on its Search homepage, News, and even on Google Translate. You can see some screenshots of these below," 9to5Google notes.



(Image credit: Future)


"Google recommends using Chrome," Chrome warned Edge users using the Google search engine. "Try a fast, secure browser with updates built in."


As we mentioned last week, with Chrome suggesting that their browser is fast and secure, it plants a seed in the mind of Edge users that their internet crawler is unsafe. That is despite there being no proof that the new Chrominum-based Edge browser is a security hazard.


What's peculiar about Chrome's messages is that, as MSPowerUser points out, Google seems to be solely targeting Edge users: "We didn't receive any pop ups or warnings on Opera, which is also based on Chromium framework."


It makes us wonder if Chrome is sweating bullets about Edge potentially snatching a large share of its browser users. After all, in our Microsoft Edge hands-on, we called the new browser "the Chrome killer."


Google and Microsoft have had a history of competing -- and playing a little dirty -- for each other's consumers.


There have been reports of Microsoft, for example, persuading users to choose Edge over Chrome on Windows 10. Perhaps Google, perpetuating this petty tug-of-war, is simply returning the favor.






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Microsoft did it on the OS level, Google is doing it on the international scale, that's NOT returning favor, that's incompetence.

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