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Brave browser adds Native Wayback Machine 404 Support

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Brave Software has baked Wayback Machine’s 404 detection system into its Brave desktop browser with a new 1.4.95 update to deal with 404- page not found and 14 other errors. If you now land on a broken web page in Brave, you’ll be allowed to look up for an archived page stored by Wayback machine. The Brave browser update also features a Chromium upgrade (80.0.3987.122) and includes various fixes.





Wayback Machine director, Mark Graham announced about their archived URL playback and 404 support for Brave browser on Internet Archive blog by saying “available today, starting with version 1.4 of its desktop browser, Brave has added a 404 detection system, with automated Wayback Machine lookup process to its desktop browser”.


Apart from 404, Wayback Machine checks for these other HTTP error codes in Brave browser: 408,410,451, 500, 502,503,504,509,520,521,523,524 and 526.


For the unknown, Wayback Machine for the last 23 years has archived more than 900 million URLs and 400 billion web pages and it continues to archive many hundred million URLs each day to ensure the user gets an archived version for the missed pages. It’s not surprising for Internet Archive to show such love and affection towards the Brave browser as it has started backing Brave’s micropayments system since 2017 and is a Brave creator also.


To get started, download the latest Brave browser update to your computer and after that visit this 404 page to see the feature show up. All you’ve to do is click on the “check for saved version” button displayed at the top of page and Wayback Machine will fetch and serve archived page available for that site from Internet Archive in the same tab.


Wayback Machine browser extension is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari browsers.




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