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Someone got Windows 10X running on a MacBook

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Someone got Windows 10X running on a MacBook



Earlier this week, Microsoft released the first public emulator for Windows 10X, giving people the chance to play around with the new operating system. But even though Windows 10X is made for dual-screen and foldable devices, it was only a matter of time until someone figured out how to get it running on a regular old laptop.


That's exactly what Twitter user @imbushuo did, getting Windows 10X running on a MacBook, of all things.



You'll notice that the UI is the same as an emulator, meaning that the MacBook is acting as a dual-screen device. It's forcing the app into one of the two sides of the screen, and it also has two pills for Start Menus.


If Microsoft ever brought Windows 10X to laptops, this probably isn't quite what it would look like. After all, this clearly isn't optimized for single-screen devices. More likely, it would look like just one side of that screen.


Still, it's always fun to see people figure out how to do things with technology that they're not quite supposed to do, all in the name of fun. It's the same reason that we pay attention when someone figures out how to install Windows 10 on ARM on an old Windows phone.



Source: Someone got Windows 10X running on a MacBook  (Neowin)

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Someone installed Windows 10X on a Surface Go and a MacBook

It's not a straightforward affair



Why it matters: Microsoft is building Windows 10X from the ground up to adapt to various PC form factors. While the initial showing of Windows 10X was on the Surface Neo, two intrepid developers managed to install the upcoming OS on a MacBook and Surface Go. If you're feeling adventurous, you can install Windows 10X yourself although it requires a bit of technical knowledge.

Microsoft recently released a Windows 10X SDK for developers to begin adapting their applications for dual-screen computers. However, two developers managed to install the fledgling operating system onto a Surface Go and a MacBook.


Twitter user "imbushuo" posted a video of Windows 10X running on the MacBook relatively smoothly. The OS treats the MacBook like a single screen and allows applications to run on either side of the screen or full screen.


Well-known developer Steve Troughton-Smith also managed to get Windows 10X running on a Surface Go. Unfortunately, there were some initial Wi-Fi and touch driver issues. Troughton-Smith posted a complete guide on how to install Windows 10X on different hardware, but it's not for the faint of heart as it requires Powershell scripts, drive partitioning, and driver work.


It's probably best to stick with the emulator if you want to play around with Windows 10X.




Microsoft introduced Windows 10X running on the upcoming Surface Neo. The operating system is meant to run on dual-screen devices and might possibly be the future of Windows in the long term.


Microsoft has stripped out all of the legacy UI elements and built it from the ground up to be speedy and more efficient. For now, seeing the new operating system running on various hardware platforms seems to confirm the adaptability of Windows 10X, even if it's a little buggy.



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