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It appears that the Windows 7 ESU Bypass is indeed working

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It appears that the Windows 7 ESU Bypass is indeed working

Support for Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system ended on January 14, 2020 officially. Home users cannot extend support for the operating system while business and Enterprise customers may extend support by up to three years; this is done by joining the ESU program which is available per machine (business) or per user (Enterprise).


A bypass to use ESU-only patches on Home machines -- basically any machine that has not joined the program officially -- was discovered and published in December 2019. The bypass worked with the test ESU patch that Microsoft released but it was not clear back then if it would also work with "real" patches.


Now that the first post-Windows 7 support patch has been released, confirmations are coming in that the bypass is indeed working.


bypass security updates checks


Note: we suggest that backups are created of important data, better the entire system, before the bypass or any of the updates that Microsoft released for Windows 7 are installed. If something goes wrong, it is then possible to go back to the previous version without losing any data.


The process of using the bypass with the Windows 7 patches released in February would look like this (note that you should not install the latest SSU KB4537829 as the bypass does not seem to work anymore if it is installed).

  1. Install the bypass. You can grab the latest version from the MDL forum (account needed), or download it from Gitlab. The password is 2020.
  2. Download and install the ESU Test update KB4528069. It should install fine.
  3. Restart the System.
  4. Install the following updates: KB4538483, KB4537820, KB4537767, and KB4537813.
  5. Restart the system.

Our colleagues over at Deskmodder found another option that supports the installation of the latest SSU:

  1. Install the bypass.
  2. Install the ESU Test update.
  3. Remove the bypass.
  4. Install the SSU KB4537829.
  5. Install the KB4537820 update.

Closing Words

It remains to be seen if the bypass will continue to work in the coming months or years.For now, it may be an option in some situations provided that backups are created.



Source: It appears that the Windows 7 ESU Bypass is indeed working (gHacks - Martin Brinkmann)

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i do not endorse or promote windows in any way

but with my old gear windows 8 and 10 gave me

improved preformance. much junk was added too

the installation.


since hdd and space is no longer an issue i don't

mind but the forced upgrade and the constant

altering of my settings and the hopeless out of

date software that is added is just a pain.

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People seem to forget some Windows 7 users think  Windows updates  is malware and they stop updating since when they put GWX  in windows 7 and 8.1 in 2015   and dont care about updates they not updated in over 4 years so they could less  about  ESU bypass . If they was to stop ESU bypass it will be something they put in a update thats for sure  they dont have a great track record  with not putting bad things in  updates they been doing it to windows 7 users for years .  it would not be the 1st time  they killed updates for pirates  , They use to kill WGA  on XP  and Vista every so often and  they put the  Watt exploit  in a  Windows 7 update to kill loaders . They way they  do it  is make the update mandatory were if you don't install the update you no longer can update if you don't take it .    , ESU bypass for home users is a option if  you even trust there  updates not to brick your install or worse some windows 7 users  don't. Even they some Windows 10 users that  have  locked down updates because they dont want the problems that come with updates . Heck with all that, if i dont trust something i would just use Linux  or  buy Mac OS but im not rich so I use Linux and i update every day and never had any problems and i had this image installed for 2 years .


if Windows 10  was any good ESU bypass  would  not be needed and they wouldnt be people not doing updates because Windows 10 is  a free upgrade still  and people rather not update or use a hack to get updates than take Windows 10 for free the Irony . I see why XP users done it Windows 7 cost money  and Most XP PCs could not run Windows 7 but  Windows 10 will run on most Windows 7 PCs  even On Vista PCs.  This just shows the troubling state windows desktop is in.  The thing is  you can dual boot windows and Linux and if you need to use windows for some software  you can do it  offline so using Windows  without updates would be totally safe.  But they been some Windows 7 users running Windows 7 in zombified state for 4 years now online. So why would they update now?  :P


Windows updates are overrated anyhow  ,Windows XP  proved  that , Home users are  not High profile targets no way , Millions of people used XP   with no updates and only a small percent used the update hack  and they was just fine just using and Antivirus .. Enterprise are High profile targets so they buy extended support . And if there a real virus Microsoft is going to patch against it,  just like they did with Wantacry on XP  .

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I installed the "fix" (1st version) some weeks ago in anticipation of the end of free Win7 updates.

I followed the instructions carefully and downloaded the ESU Test update KB4528069.

It installed without a hitch and I thought I was good to go.

I already have KB4538483 installed so I thought the instructions above were going to be easy.

II tried to install KB4537820 and I get an error message (see screenshot).

I went to Microsoft Catalogue and downloaded the update KB for the module installer.

When I tried to install this KB it said it was already installed...I checked and Yes, I already have it installed.

So I got the latest version of the "fix", installed as administrator, rebooted, but still get the screenshot message

when I try to install the KB files listed above!!

                                                                                 Any advice would be gratefully received guys!! Thanks in advance.:duh::duh::duh:

Update:-Got it by some special jiggery pokery (that's Funkyy's tech talk!!)...I uninstalled the v1 of the KURWICA fix and tried the v4 fix. I started to install the KB files and the first couple installed normally...then on the third one I had 25 minutes of the on-screen message:- "Configuring Windows update. Don't turn off your computer". So, as it appeared to need a "nudge" I booted into Safe Mode and uninstalled one or two KB's then rebooted. Got my desktop back. so I installed the KB's one at a time and rebooted each time to make sure that there was no repeat of the"Don't turn off your computer message" or the screenshot message below. I checked via Control Panel that the KB's were all listed. Now everything seems fine, got the Security updates installed which was the aim. Piece of cake this computer business!!!:dance::dance::dance:


Edited by funkyy
Solved it (don't know how, but it's solved!!)

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Nonetheless, lets wait for Windows 7 ISO with that ESU bypass approach....

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Alas, KB4528069 is available no more from Microsoft ... 😟





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I just installed KB4538483
for Win7 Sp-1 EOL udates, and updated Win7. Worked perfectly.
Also had applied KURWICA as per instructions previously.
Note: all available Win7 x64 updates/patches were already applied.

The other one (KB4538484) is for Server2008. (http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB4538484)(edited)
Thought you already paid for Win7 Extended Security Updates? Think again. Even if you bought and paid for Win7 extended security patches, and even if you’ve followed all of the instructions to install the ESU key, and even if Microsoft’s test program said your installation was...

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