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Commits to master since this release


This Realtek UAD driver MOD should install and function properly on all systems supporting Realtek Legacy HDA FF00 drivers!

For more details see >>README<<


many thanks to pal1000 for his great work!!!


Partial WHQL notice

Due to Realtek moving HDXRT.inf and HDXRTSST.inf hashes from hdxrt.cat to hdxrtu.cat in 6.0.8825.1

and the absence of a hdxrtu.cat copy for current version, it wasn't possible to make a Realtek UAD Generic

package for old systems that is 100% WHQL compliant. To workaround this setup installs latest WHQL

compliant codec component (version 6.0.8858.1) with hardware support application, audio effects and service

components taken from latest version and then a force updater is used to replace the old codec component

(RTKVHD64.sys and RTAIODAT.DAT) with its latest version and perform appropriate patching.


Due to absence of valid and updated copies of HDXRT.inf, HDXRTSST.inf and HDX_GenericExt_RTK.inf (or

a renamed copy it), new hardware IDs introduced since 6.0.8825.1 are not supported (#31).

Realtek Audio Control v1.9.213.0.

If you are yet to update, you can get it here. Extract preinstall kit and then run

dc205353dbe2451982fee7ea543663dc.appxbundle to update.



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