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AMD Is Hiring For Coreboot Development, Sponsoring Open-Source Firmware Conference

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Back on the AMD EPYC 7002 "Rome" launch day I wrote about how AMD is working to return to open-source BIOS / Coreboot support and now there's further confirmation of their work in that direction.



We were tipped off today that AMD's Head of Platform Firmware, Edward Benyukhis, publicly posted on LinkedIn that he is "looking to hire someone with solid Coreboot and UEFI background." If you have Coreboot experience or know someone who is, see LinkedIn for contacting Benyukhis.

That's exciting itself and certainly noteworthy, but also notable is AMD is now sponsoring next week's Open-Source Firmware Conference. AMD has joined the likes of Amazon AWS, Arm, System76, TrustedFirmware.org, and other companies in sponsoring this conference about Coreboot, LinuxBoot, and related open-source firmware projects.

Exciting times ahead, now let's just hope that the middleware/licensing issues noted in the earlier article are able to be addressed in a timely manner. Besides the prospects of open-source firmware/UEFI/BIOS and Coreboot support exciting many in the server space as part of secure computing initiatives (and desktop users at large, particularly Linux/FLOSS advocates).


Coreboot is also a big deal on the Google Chromebook front where they make use of Coreboot and where previous AMD Coreboot efforts have focused on. This also comes at a time where other AMD code work is happening with likely Chromebook/Google connections making for some very interesting possibilities.



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