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.NET 4.8 Addon update win7 2019.08.13 by abbodi1406

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- Addons for integrating updated .NET 4.8 package into offline install.wim images as pre-installed.

- The addon is simply .7z file with .WA extension.

- Mainly to be used with Wintoolkit, but can also be used with Simplix UpdatePack7R2.

- The addon will conflict with some Windows Updates (.NET 3.5 Family), so leave the addon's integration to the last.

- To function properly, .NET 4.8 require D3DCompiler_47.dll component, which is found in either the current "Monthly Quality Rollup" or "update KB4019990". It is recommended to integrate it first, or you can install it later.




x64: https://github.com/abbodi1406/dotNetFx4xW7A/releases/download/19.08.13/dotNetFx48_20190813_x64.WA

x86: https://github.com/abbodi1406/dotNetFx4xW7A/releases/download/19.08.13/dotNetFx48_20190813_x86.WA


File: dotNetFx48_20190813_x64.WA
SHA-1: adb12efb7e67a361182f77651fb00be12af48db6

SHA-256: b9b713fb76bd7972e9371d99ae93c25c1157f471c546f69a5075a03e3f4f21fa

File: dotNetFx48_20190813_x86.WA
SHA-1: 7448ee37324968f8d65403a71501bd038d4dd0fe

SHA-256: 516bb669ec0eedcc2bae8af270f5563c7d047cfd2826fbdb0a290cb8e087fef6

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