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Human rights group loses High Court challenge against UK Government’s mass surveillance powers

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The UK is deeply controlled by their masters. And I don't mean the regular citizens or royal family.  A lot of the world transaction move through London and London have always be at the central of it all.  UK have MI5 and MI6.  Mi6 similar to the US NSA.  Even if the UK can't get the information what to say that the other five eyes can't do it.  It is a very scary time we live in.  Again, I have nothing to hide and I just live my life normally but it is concerning that our liberty are being eroded slowly every year.   The five eyes share a lot of intelligent gathering.  They locked up Tommy Robinson for reporting the news and he never had a proper trial.  And they did it to set an example for the rest of the UK citizen.  Though, I don't agree with all of Tommy's views but I respect that he is trying to bring the spotlight on liberty in the UK. 


That is why in the US, they are trying to take away the second amendment.  The forefather of the US saw this a long time a long.  They knew tyranny would come up again as they had to face tyranny in their struggle for freedom.  With nothing to protect yourself, you are powerless. 

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