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Process Hacker v3.0.2517 Nightly

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Process Hacker v3.0.2517 Nightly


Multi-purpose, easy-to-use and powerful application that will assist users with debugging, system monitoring and malware detection



Some anti-malware applications trigger alerts when downloading this application. However, our tests have shown that these are, in fact, false positives, so it's safe to download and install it.
After some time of intensely using your computer, you might notice it's starting to run a little slow. This is due to residue files left after uninstalling applications or simply because of unwanted processes staying active and using precious system resources. Luckily, applications such as Process Hacker let you view in-dept details about your system and carefully manage them for enhanced performance.


An advanced version of task manager
Even though your operating system comes equipped with an important utility that lets you view resource distribution and terminate processes, this application does so a little better. Running it brings up the main window, equipped with all available features.
The amount of info might seem overwhelming at first, but the clever design lets you quickly accommodate and view only items of interest. By default, processes are enlisted in a tree view, which offers neat info on relationships. Moreover, categories are highlighted in different colors for easier identification, for example GUI Threads in yellow, or system processes in blue.

View in-dept resource distribution
A useful feature the application comes equipped with is the “System Information” window. Hitting the dedicated button displays an almost real-time updating graph of resource consumption. You can view CPU, Memory, GPU, Disk and Network, while setting the time interval at which the graph to be updated.
Furthermore, hovering your mouse over it displays which application took advantage of the specific resource and at what time. Additionally, for more CPUs you can have individual graphs drawn for each core.

Manage processes and power options
Similar to the basic task manager, you are able to play God with running processes. Besides terminating it, you are able to simply suspend it, end a whole tree, restart, and even start new ones. More options include the possibility to attribute a number of CPUs to handle a process, letting you distribute your resources however you see fit.
In addition, you can view and manage services from a separate tab, network related events, as well as those that put pressure on your hard disk drive. Resource usage icons can be enabled in the system tray to constantly have them under surveillance, and you can also manage your computer's power options.

To end with
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Process Hacker deserves its name, fully living up to expectations. It gives you the possibility to deeply go under the hood of your computer and thoroughly manage running processes and service, but also analyze usage and distribution of resources to applications, making for a powerful utility overall.


What's new :  

 Improve window title column performance
 Add PhEnumWindows, Update PhGetProcessMainWindow to enumerate top-level only
 Remove autopool from PhFormatTimeSpanRelative
 Add MMapIO statistics to memory information tab
 Add PhGetAccountPrivileges

Full changelog: https://ci.appveyor.com/project/processhacker/processhacker/history


Home (with latest stable version: 2.39.124) : https://wj32.org/processhacker/index.php  or   https://processhacker.sourceforge.io/


GitHub: https://github.com/processhacker/processhacker

Nightly builds page: https://wj32.org/processhacker/nightly.php


Download latest nightly build (now 3.0.2480) : https://ci.appveyor.com/api/projects/processhacker/processhacker/artifacts/processhacker-build-setup.exe


Process Hacker v3.0.2517 Repack & Portable

A free, powerful, multi-purpose tool that helps you monitor system resources, debug software and detect malware.

• Type: Install | Portable

• System: x86 | x64

Languages: English

• Activation: Not Needed

• Removed: Nothing

• Extra: Set as Default Task Manager


Site: https://www.mirrored.to
Sharecode: /files/1DKVOWE7/Process_Hacker_v3.0.2517_[Repack].exe_links

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2 minutes ago, bubbada said:

packaged with a toolbar

What do you mean ?

There is no toolbar in my repack

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.paf Portable


Size: 2.52 MB

CRC32: D9975353
MD5: 3BBD9C46D0312E3B14E06F5046FD5BA1
SHA-1: 4D85DFB26302F628FE6EB86F4252ECC381082BFB

Site: https://mega.nz
Sharecode: /#!Zl8HRCTB!cZZxj0GkRxDE8RSFGUS14Ss0aRuBc8PQtv-sa7DjOnI

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Posted (edited)

Hello UpGrade,
First of all, thank you for your great work!

Excuse me...
I did not notice the silent install indication in the app.




Edited by SunLion

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