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dslrBooth Professional Edition 5.29.0710.1

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Photo Booth Software. If you’re looking to run a photo booth using your dslr camera and a computer, then you’ve found the solution you need. We built our photo booth software out of the same necessity.


dslrBooth is a straightforward app that will powers your photo booth as it does for many others all over the world. Our users rave about our software.


We built our photo booth software out of necessity. We searched the internet and found software that can do the job but all of them either were too complicated, cost an arm and a leg, or didn’t do the job.


So we came up with a straightforward app that bridges the missing gap of going from single pictures to professionally printed and branded photo booth prints. Of course, we made sure not to imitate the poor solutions out there, our software is simple, cheap, and simply works.


Features :




Built from the ground up for running photo booths using the latest technologies so that you'll get the highest quality prints.



Works with PCs and Macs, Canon, Nikon, Sony DSLR cameras and Webcams. Easy to install. Easy to run.


Solid + Reliable

Photographers all over the world rely on dslrBooth to power their photo booths. Every release is thoroughly tested by us at real life events.



Share photos and GIFs by E-mail, SMS, Twitter, or QR codes. Also share using our fotoShare iPad app.


Go Pro with Green Screen

Top notch Green Screen Removal (Chromakeying), Live view, sharing to facebook pages.


By Professionals for All

Built by professional photographers for dslr photographers from beginners to professionals.



dslrBooth was made to simplify the process of running photo booths.


Customizable Prints

Add photos, graphics, text and turn your photos into photo booth prints.



Share photos + GIFs to email, sms, twitter, or qr codes.


Fully Automated

Automate your workflow from capture to printing. Hook up your camera, start a session and everything else is fully automated.


Customizable Prints + GIFs

Customize prints with text, graphics, and logo with our built-in template editor. Photoshop experience not required. Add animated overlays to your GIFS.


Green Screen Replacement

Automatically remove background green screen and add any photos transporting your guests anywhere in the world (Professional Edition). Optionally use 360 panoramic backgrounds.


Be Social & Share

Let your guests share their prints, original photos + GIFs over: E-mail, SMS, Twitter, and QR Codes.


Built for Professional Cameras

Compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony DSLR cameras and Webcams. Get the best looking photo booth photos by leveraging your dslr camera.


Highest Quality

Highest quality prints thanks to your pro dslr camera combined with the latest in image processing technology. Standard Edition supports 4×6. Professional Edition adds support for all paper sizes.


Optimized for Touch

Built for touch screens so you can use with the latest tablets, all-in-one PCs or touch monitors. All user functionality can be operated from the touch screen with no need for a keyboard or mouse. Guests can even sign their prints on the screen.


Run Unattended

Let users touch the screen or press a button and the photo booth will run itself. Optionally, you can have a photographer taking the pictures if you really want. You can also trigger using bill and coin acceptors.


Virtual Attendant (Mirror Booth)

Includes video and audio prompts to use whether or not you are running a Mirror Booth. Optionally add your own prompts.


Photo Effects

Allow guests to choose an effects to add to their photos to instagram or add them automatically. You can also apply custom post-processing using Photoshop actions or other 3rd party software.


Hookup to your iPad

Optionally, use our fotoShare iPad app to let your guests see all their photos, share, and print them.


Fanatical Support

We stand behind the software we build. No automated robots to answer your e-mail.


Built and Used by Professionals

Built by professional photographers who use the software regularly for high profile events.


Built-in Templates

Several templates are included to get you started whether you want a classic 4 pose vertical template or something more modern. You can easily tweak our templates to suit your event.


Booth Mode

Allow guests to choose between Print, Print + GIF, GIF and Boomerang.



Allow guests to sign their print for a personal touch.


Cropped Live View Image

Display the live view image how it would appear in the template, allowing guests to position themselves within the frame.



Add your own triggers that can trigger lights, sounds, and other applications from dslrBooth.



Record a one second video then slow it down, play it forward then reverse.


Green Screen (Chromakey)

Replace a green or blue background with a custom background using state of the art Green Screen technology. The process is completely automated and effortless.


Custom Paper Sizes

In additional to the standard 4x6 paper size, print on 4×8, 5×7, 6×8, 8×10, and any other paper sizes.


Live View

Live View which allows people to see a video of themselves before the camera takes a picture. This is supported by most recent dslr cameras.



Supported OS : Windows 7, 8, 10


Make sure your PC includes the following for best performance :

- Processor: Intel i5 or higher highly recommended.

- RAM: 4 GB

- Graphics card that supports OpenGL v3.0

- 64 bit

- Touch screen is recommended for sharing features but not required.


Not Supported :

- AMD APU processors are problematic in working with high performance multi-threaded applications such as dslrBooth.

- Intel Atom and Intel Celeron processors are too slow to keep up with the demands of processing high resolution photos from DSLR cameras.




Released Date : 10 July 2019

Homepage : http://dslrbooth.com

Download : http://dslrbooth.com/appupdates/windows/dslrBooth-Setup.exe


Medicine :

Site: https://www.upload.ee
Sharecode: /files/10212901/dslrBooth_Pro_FIX.rar.html

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