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Calibre 3.45.0

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This freeware application is the ultimate eBook library manager. Use this application to catalogue your extensive eBook collection (featuring support for similarly extensive metadata). From there, you can convert your files to a variety of supported formats, depending on which reader you're using to actually view your eBooks. And don't worry, you can use Calibre to synchronize your information and files straight to your device. Take that, extraneous applications. Oh, and did we mention that Calibre can convert RSS feeds into "eBooks," perfect for reading your day's news without the need for an Internet connection.


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Posted (edited)

What's new in release 3.45.0  [12 Jul, 2019]


New features

  •     Content server: Allow adding or removing formats to a book via the edit metadata page.
  •     ToC Editor: Allow user to control whether duplicate headings are included or not when generating ToC from headings
  •     Advanced search dialog: Remember the last focused field in the search by title/authors tab
  •     Conversion: Performance improvement for books that have many HTML files that all include the same CSS stylesheets
  •     Kobo driver: Add options to more precisely control the generation of cover images, to reduce size and enhance quality
  •     Support subtitle in Douban metadata plugin


Bug fixes

  •     Linux: Workaround for bug in recent Linux kernels that causes the Kindle to eject after calibre connects to it.
  •     DOCX Input: When autodetecting the Table of Contents from headings, work even if the headings use numbering.
  •     EPUB Output: If there are no guide elements do not output an empty guide tag. Makes epubcheck happy.
  •     Workaround for sortByColumn being partially broken in Qt 5.13.0
  •     Fix a regression that broke the per_lang_title_sort_articles tweak.
  •     Sending email: Fix an error on some windows machines with non-ASCII hostnames
  •     EPUB Output: When generating EPUB 3 preserve the old style meta tag to identify the cover as Google Play Books does not recognize EPUB 3 cover markup.
  •     Create catalog: Fix handling of the tilde character in BiBTeX catalogs.
  •     News downloads: Fix incorrect font sizes for some text in the index pages.
  •     Comic Input: Fix incorrect processing of comics with pages that have the same file names in different folders when using the "No process" option.
  •     CHM Input: Fix a regression that broke processing of some CHM files.
  •     Edit book: When auto-closing tags on typing </, fix occasionally incorrect tag being closed in large files because syntax highlighting has not completed
  •     Kobo driver: Fix for ContentType not being defined error for extension-less non kepub files on a Kobo
  •     Content server: Book details page: Do not display empty rows for undefined dates
  •     Get books: Update Google books and amazon plugins for markup changes
  •     Edit book: Text search: Fix searching for a single character backwards not working


New news sources

  •     Aviation International News by Jose Ortiz


Improved news sources

  •     Art and Letters Daily
  •     The Wall Street Journal
  •     Barrons
  •     Newsweek


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