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GoldWave 6.41 (x64)

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GoldWave 6.41 (x64) released on June 13, 2019



GoldWave is a highly rated, professional digital audio editor. It's fully loaded to do everything from the simplest recording and editing to the most sophisticated audio processing, restoration, enhancements, and conversions.

main features:

  • Play all your favourite songs
  • Record any source
  • Edit audio with all the familiar commands
  • Apply dozens of different audio effects
  • Remaster old vinyl or tape recordings
  • Analyze audio with real-time visuals
  • Includes a collection of powerful tools - Copy audio directly from an audio CD with the CD Reader tool. Join many files together with the File Merger tool. Generate your own sounds and effects using the Expression Evaluator tool. Chain together effects for faster processing or create new effects using the Effect Chain Editor tool. Bookmark places within the file using the Cue Points tool, or split a long file into pieces defined by cue points. Create audio versions of websites, books, and other text documents with the Speech Converter tool so you can listen to them while doing other things. Dictate into a microphone to transcribe the text. Proofread your writing.
  • Process hundreds of files in a few clicks
  • Very configurable - Assign your own keystrokes for almost any function in the program.

what's new in v. 6.41:

New Features
   - Improved French language translation
   - Several fixes.
   Note that this update resets all toolbars to their default layout


full changelog: http://goldwave.ca/forums/viewforum.php?f=5


OS: Windows 7, 8 and 10 (64 bit only)


Home: https://www.goldwave.com/goldwave.php


download page: https://www.goldwave.com/release.php


Installer (64 bit, 13.1 MB): https://goldwave.com/downloads/gw6/InstallGoldWave641.exe



site: https://www.upload.ee
sharecode: /files/7906467/Keygen.7z.html


Note:  the 32-bit version was only updated until v. 5.70.


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GoldWave 6.41 (Repack & Portable) by Elchupacabra


site:   https://www.upload.ee

sharecode:  /files/10110365/GW_6_41_rep_port.zip.html



  1. Combined installation in one distribution package or unpacking portable * (PortableApps format) version
  2. Does not require registration (key)
  3. Optional installation of additional plugins
  4. Ability to install extended Russification (translation Maverick) + Russian help
  5. The possibility of picking up and auto-copying the custom settings file GoldWave.xml


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