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connecting a 3rd party domain name to a web host


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I have a domain name ending in .TK, from freenom and  webhosting  supplied by bplaced. Do I use freenom's  DNS to add info. from bplaced or vice-versa?

In other words do I tell the host of the web site about the domain, the other way around or do I have to tell each about the other?

The host of the website offer their own domain buying service which confuses things (for me).

freenom talk about 20202020 or 20202121 as servers and bplace talk about DNS Crec or records?


I'd appreciate someone familiar running through the setup procedure as although they have tried to translate from German to English their instructions are not very clear to me.


is this right?



freenom_Name server.jpg

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Goto freenom , choose your domain , goto setting , there you will get nameserver.

Now Put the details (nameserver) in nameserver field that are provided by your web host. 

Then add that domain to your webhost.

After that you can also use cloudflare for https (its free)

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I'm afraid that I need more help than what is offered. Tell me exactly what I need to do in my case. Your instructions are too general. For example nameserver - is that the name bplaced?  Why do I need cloudflare for http? I thought that was part of the bplaced. You see I need to be told step-by-step what to click and what to type in. From the above it seems that I need not do anything from the bplaced side, it's all done from freenom. Is that correct?





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On 6/17/2019 at 2:11 AM, winterStorm said:



Goto Management Tool > Nameserver

On 6/13/2019 at 6:22 AM, winterStorm said:


freenom_Name server.jpg


enter the nameserver provided by your web host. if you cant found your web host's nameserver , ask their support about their nameserver

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@winterStorm  I made free account to understand You better. I must say, that somethin so stupid system what I have never seen before. Seems like there is at all no nameserver possible to use and also not possible to use free domains.  Ie not possible use any of domains what You have got from freenom.com  You only can buy domain using their system or transfer from other hosting (it is possible if You have bought domain) or the third is redirect Your freenom.com domain to the bplaced.net subdomain, what You have there. (me seems that Your subdomain there is http://johnwhite.bplaced.net/)

In short, you cannot do nothing there.

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