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UDEMY courses , please see list

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SASS from Beginner to Expert

Using SASS you will create CSS 10x times faster. I'll teach you how to maintain a code on a whole new level using SASS


What you'll learn
  • install SASS
  • write clean and easy to maintain code in SASS

  • import SASS files

  • make CSS files compressed automatically
  • use SASS's language syntax
  • create a professional clean project
  • create responsive web design using SASS





EFT Weight Loss - Tapping into Exercise

Discover How Emotion Freedom Techniques Can Help You Tap Away Your Challenges to Start and Keep Exercising For Health


What you'll learn
  • Effectively deal with any obstacles to exercising
  • Start an exercise program and stick with it easier

  • Stay on their exercise program long term





Hypnosis for Poker inner game mastery Guided Hypnosis

Hypnosis will help boost mental ability to stay calm, count cards and be a more masterful intuitive poker player



What you'll learn
  • Hypnosis will help improve your mental game of poker
  • Able to read poker players body language

  • Improved memory

  • Use a physical Trigger to feel good any time
  • Use EFT to change many areas of your life





The Mind Wealth Reprogramming System

Reprogram Your Mind to get Rich


What you'll learn
  • How to be rich and successful





The Secrets of Charisma, Influence and Persuasion

Themes: Fascination, Magnetic Power, Radiation, Charismatic, Authority, Personal Development, Trust, Ego


What you'll learn
  • You will Learn how to Develop your Charisma
  • You will Know how to be at Ease in all Situations

  • You Will Destroy the Fear of Not Being Convincing

  • You will Develop an Influence Magnetic Power
  • You will Become Stronger Mentally
  • You Will Have the Keys of Persuasion
  • You'll Learn to Connect with Your Unconscious





Mastering Shapes in Adobe Photoshop CC + 10 Projects [2019]

Create Stunning Vector Arts using Shapes and Pen in Adobe Photoshop CC by Covering 10 Real World Projects from scratch


What you'll learn
  • Learn differences between Vectors and Rasters
  • Learn how to create and manage Grids and Guides inside Adobe Photoshop CC

  • Learn how to create and manage basic Shapes in Adobe Photoshop CC

  • Learn how to manage Fills and Strokes in Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Learn how to work efficiency with Black Arrow and White Arrow tools
  • Learn how to use Live Shape Properties Panel in Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Laern how to use masks and Vector Masks in Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Learn how to manage, merge, align and arrange shapes in one layer
  • Laern how to use Pen Tool in Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Learn how to create and Manage Custom Shapes in Adobe Photoshop CC






Complete Data Wrangling & Data Visualisation With Python

Learn to Preprocess, Wrangle and Visualise Data For Practical Data Science Applications in Python


What you'll learn
  • Install and Get Started With the Python Data Science Environment- Jupyter/iPython
  • Read In Data Into The Jupiter/iPython Environment From Different Sources

  • Carry Out Basic Data Pre-processing & Wrangling In the Jupyter Environment

  • Learn to IDENTIFY Which Visualisations Should be Used in ANY given Situation
  • Go From A Basic Level To Performing Some Of The MOST COMMON Data Preprocessing, Data Wrangling & Data Visualization Tasks In Jupyter
  • How To Use Some Of The MOST IMPORTANT R Data Wrangling & Visualisation Packages Such As Matplotlib
  • Build POWERFUL Visualisations and Graphs from REAL DATA
  • Apply Data Visualization Concepts For PRACTICAL Data Analysis & Interpretation
  • Gain PROFICIENCY In Data Preprocessing, Data Wrangling & Data Visualisation In Jupyter By Putting Your Soon-To-Be-Acquired Knowledge Into IMMEDIATE Application




Machine Learning: The Art of Digging Data

Master Machine Learning from scratch using Python and Scikit-Learn. Code templates included.


What you'll learn
  • Hands-on experience of Machine Learning using Python.
  • Basic knowledge of Python coding needed for ML.

  • Knowledge of Machine Learning paradigms and algorithms.

  • Knowledge of ML model creation.
  • Mastery in Data Visualization.
  • Knowledge on using NLP in text classification problems.
  • Knowledge of performance metrics to increase model .
  • Knowledge of problem-solving based on data analysis.





Universidad Visual Basic. net con SQLserver: De 0 a Experto

Curso Completo


What you'll learn
  • Desarrollar aplicaciones de Escritorio como un Experto





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Thank for

EFT Weight Loss - Tapping into Exercise



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