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JRiver Media Center 25.0.40 (x86/x64)

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JRiver Media Center 25.0.40 (x86/x64)




JRiver Media Center 24 - all-in-one media management app turns any Windows PC into an entertainment hub for complete control of your digital media: Audio, Video, Images, and Television. It connects PC to stereo, TV, remote control devices, digital cameras, scanners, and portable MP3 players. It plays all media, rips, burns, and organizes all your music, images, and video. MC encodes and plays all popular media formats. Powerful utilities include Media Server for streaming music and images to remote PCs. Media Center is more than a world class player. It’s also a Media Network, a whole house music, movie, TV, and photo solution. The leader in audiophile quality sound. The most powerful media database available; an essential tool for large collections.





  • Native support of DirectShow DSP filters
  • Audiophile – WASAPI exclusive output using high-end USB DACs
  • Audiophile – Added ability to play files from memory instead of disk
  • Audiophile – Support for high end USB DAC’s with WASAPI
  • Headphone DSP makes listening more natural and comfortable.
  • SoundcardSwitch command for the launcher, allows soundcard selection
  • 3D album view adjusts text size to display more tracks when necessary
  • 3D album view allows playing, adding, shuffling, and adding as next to play


  • Image Preview allows zoom from a thumbnail to rotate, delete, compare, edit, and more
  • Image thumbnail frames (optional)
  • Photoshop PSD file support
  • Single command copy / send to an editor like Photoshop, and stack new image with original


  • Video tagging using sidecar files
  • Chapter Support for MKV and MP4
  • Chapters added to On Screen Display
  • Info Panel displays metadata


  • Added new “watched” column to metadata
  • EPG can automatically retrieve XMLTV data
  • Automatic correlation of XML channel names and MC channel names
  • Info Panel displays metadata, including TV program art
  • TV program art from YADB

Theater View

  • Watch Hulu and YouTube from Theater View
  • Customizable nested views in Theater View
  • Customizable File Info panel to display metadata
  • Speed and quality enhancements
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Touch screen support
  • On screen clock

Remotes and Servers

  • Wiki articles: Remotes and Servers
  • Remote Relay using IR transceivers for controlling a set top box or receiver
  • Remote Setup Wizard
  • Media Center Remote learning and blasting
  • Media Center can connect to another Media Center to act as a remote (TRemote)
  • New HID remote control plug-in – supports shortcuts with keyboard, mouse, & gamepad
  • Remote control with REST based Web Service Interface in Library Server
  • Library Server supports read and write to allow for shared, multi-user database access
  • DLNA added to the UPnP Server
  • Library Server clients can write changes back to server
  • Library Server connections allow playback on server as Playing Now zones




v25.0.40 (2019-05-17)

  • Changed: Made the minimum size of the options pages half the height of the ideal size (instead of the full ideal size).
  • Changed: Tuned the height of the remote control options page a little so it displays fully on high DPI.
  • Fixed: A possible crash from the recent change after removing a zone to show the now current zone.
  • NEW: Made it possible to pick a Radio JRiver station as a Car Radio button.
  • NEW: Panel - Bookmarks for videos, audiobooks, and podcasts will be honored.
  • NEW: Panel - Bookmarks can be set for videos, audiobooks, and podcasts by using the stop button.
  • NEW: Panel - The bookmark for the current file can be cleared by using stop while the time is at 0:00.
  • Fixed: Some Radio Paradise streams did not work when "Disable audio buffer to disk (for low powered systems)" option was used.

v25.0.39 (2019-05-16)

  • Fixed (hopefully): MC could crash playing Radio JRiver.
  • Changed: Extreme outliers from silence will not be calculated against for volume leveling values.
  • Fixed: The Cloudplay view would not save between runs.
  • Fixed: A minor bug that might cause TV time-shifting Reader filter to undergo an unnecessary initial internal automatic seek.
  • Fixed: Blu-ray PGS subtitles could show corruption in certain situations.
  • Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.73.
  • NEW: Added a File/Bookmark function to MCWS to get and set the bookmark.
  • Changed: Seeking live TV on clients is more responsive.  It takes one second less time.

v25.0.38 (2019-05-14)

  • Changed: Marked the expressions used in Find & Replace to not be escaped (that way slash doesn't need special treatment).
  • Changed: More improvement on start up speed when playing live TV on clients.
  • NEW: Added RadioParadise as an available Theater View page (each page shows a list of tracks for the station).
  • Changed: Updated Greek translation (thanks Panagiotis).
  • Fixed: When getting the filename field in an expression, the filename slash character won't be replaced by underscores (only slashes in other fields).
  • Changed: Allow URL's with DEFINED CONTENT LENGTHS to be converted to other formats in DLNA. You may select url as a type to convert in the DLNA server Audio advanced options when SPECIFIED FORMAT WHEN NECESSARY is selected. 
  • NEW: Let Radio Paradise look one track ahead on playback so it can push the next track to a DLNA renderer that supports SetNextAVTransportURI for gapless support. Since RP is range based like a cue file this REQUIRES the associated DLNA server to be set to SPECIFIED FORMAT or SPECIFIED FORMAT WHEN NECESSARY.
  • NEW: You can perform a case-sensitive search by adding ~case to the search string.
  • Fixed: MC would crash on playing video on a client, if either of the Media Network options - "Disable audio buffer to disk (for low powered systems)" or "Disable video buffer to disk (for low powered systems)", was used.
  • Fixed: When switching tabs, the search suggestions would not switch.
  • Changed: Updated to Monkey's Audio 4.72.
  • Changed: Slovak translation updated (thanks Peter Lukac).
  • Fixed: Captions were not working with 2D image playback.



Homepage: http://www.jriver.com
Changelog: https://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php/topic,120733.0.html

Release Date: 2019-05-17

OS: Windows / Mac OS X / Linux
Language: Multilingual
Download Page: http://www.jriver.com/download.html








DOWNLOAD (Windows):
Installer (32-bit) (36.00 MB): https://files.jriver.com/mediacenter/channels/v25/latest/MediaCenter250040.exe

Installer (64-bit) (37.18 MB): https://files.jriver.com/mediacenter/channels/v25/latest/MediaCenter250040-x64.exe


Patch (391 KB):

Site: https://www.upload.ee
Sharecode[?]: /files/9727256/Patch-JRiver.Media.Center.25.x._x86-x64_.rar.html




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Astron, JRiver is up to version 25.0.54 - have you stopped updating your uploads, or have they changed their protection scheme? I've depended on you for the updates, with huge gratitude - but what has happened? This is NOT a complaint, just a question. I have downloaded the newest version from JRiver, but am a little nervous about applying the old medicine. Thanks so much for everything you have done, and have a great day!

Update: I downloaded the x64 version from Jriver, and your old fix is still working. I see someone suggested below that I do this, but I already had. The .54 version is quite good - some nice improvements.

Edited by galaxyquestor

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The "old medicine" should work.

It´s written down: Works for 25.x

Just try it.

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48 minutes ago, half9988 said:

The "old medicine" should work.

It´s written down: Works for 25.x

Just try it.

Thanks for your suggestion - I had already done it, but you are correct. It may have been posted on the Front Page, but I went straight to a Forum search, and didn't see any updates or notes that the 25.x  fix still works. Sometimes a company will change their protection in mid-stream, so that a fix marked "25.x" may no longer work. Anyway, thanks for your input.

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On 6/19/2019 at 3:09 AM, galaxyquestor said:

For anyone who DOES like - and follow - this program (I love it's abilities to combine 3rd party VST's, and use it with ODEUS ASIO mixer (to put my guitar - with effects - directly into the music being played, and vary the speed until I've mastered a lick or run) to combine it with Blue Cat's "Patchwork," (I can add my own effects that way - and it's a PERFECT practice tool for the guitar). I use several VST's to tweak the sound to incredible precision - it's a good player, but with some 'High Line' VST's in the input/ output path, it becomes truly amazing - depending of course on the VST's you use (I use "Quatromod" as a compressor and for analog warmth, and Blue Cat's "Liny EQ") - both just put the polish on - anyway. this medicine still works, and they are up to - with some excellent improvements.

Thanks, Astron, for leaving the medicine up. Just thought I'd let anyone interested know. Love you all.


Edited by galaxyquestor

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