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Actual Window Manager 8.14

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Actual Window Manager is an innovative desktop organization application which introduces unconventional window controls and also automatic general window operations making your work more productive, convenient and enjoyable. It has more than 50 handy tools to help you in daily routine window manipulations.

Like a well-trained assistant, accurate and unobtrusive, being instructed once Actual Window Manager will do all the required actions for you automatically all the time you are having it running in background:
- placing windows exactly to the required place
- sizing them exactly as they should be
- keeping the important windows always-on-top of others
- minimizing (either normally, or to the tray/screen), or rolling up, or making semi-transparent, or closing the inactive windows, so removing them from your way
- and many others


In This Release:



  • Microsoft Office 2013+: Application windows got frozen for a long time (up to several minutes) after locking the user session and then unlocking it back.
  • Mirroring: The long-awaited active mirroring is finally implemented. Active mirrors make the mirrored content available for mouse clicks, pen drawings, and touch gestures as if you would interact with the mirror's source itself.

    Note: Pen/touch support now reliably works in Windows 10 only.

  • Multi-monitor Background, Slideshow Screen Saver: The "shrink to fit" mode is added to the "Wallpaper position" option. For images larger than their host monitor, it works the same as the "proportional stretch" mode, whereas the images smaller than the host monitor are shown as is in the center of the monitor.
  • Window Actions: The ability is added to turn off automatic semi-transparency on deactivation or mouse hovering for a certain window (see the "Options - Transparency" submenu in window's context menu).
  • Virtual Desktops: The ability is added to keep the Virtual Desktop Switcher's position while toggling it on/off via hotkey: turn off the newly added "Show the switcher near mouse pointer" option in the "Virtual Desktops" panel to make the switcher stop following the mouse and stay where you left it last time.
  • Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: Compatibility is improved with newer builds (18885+).
  • Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: Jump List support for UWP apps is finally implemented.
  • Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: Now taskbars look correct in the Light visual theme.
  • Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: Action Center, Sound Volume and Network windows now move to a monitor where a corresponding icon has been clicked.
  • Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: Action Center icon now displays the status of the "Focus assist" setting.
  • Actual Taskbar: Now you can cancel dragging a button in taskbar or notification area by pressing Esc.
  • Tabbed Explorer: Container windows now should correctly scale their content when dragging them between monitors with different DPI resolutions.
  • Note: May not work in older Windows 10 builds (before 15063).
  • Configuration: Now configuration windows and dialogs correctly scale their content to a current DPI resolution, including on-the-fly scaling when dragging them between monitors with different DPI resolutions.
  • Mirroring, Windows 10: In some cases, hardware accelerated mirrors froze on a first frame and did not update.
  • Virtual Desktops: Microsoft Excel 2016/2019 lost its ribbon title bar after hiding/showing it by switching to another virtual desktop and back.
  • Virtual Desktops, Windows 8+: The following problems are fixed:
  • Some windows (Google Chrome, ThinkOrSwim) got redrawn very slow after hiding/showing them by switching to another virtual desktop and back
  • Thumbnail previews got empty for hidden windows (located on inactive desktops)
  • Actual Taskbar, Window Actions: Sometimes moving a maximized window between monitors using the Move to Monitor action made the window's task button disappear from all taskbars forever (until you close the window and open it again).
  • Actual Taskbar, Windows 10: UWP apps' icons did not update correctly in task buttons and Jump Lists when switching between Light and Dark visual themes or changing the system accent color.
  • Actual Taskbar, Window 10: Fixed some issues with supporting high DPI resolutions:
  1. Start button's icon was too small
  2. Touch Keyboard button displayed a wrong icon
  • Actual Taskbar, Window 10: In some cases preview thumbnails might look incorrect.
  • Actual Taskbar, Windows 7: Horizontal taskbar painted incorrectly in the Classic visual theme.
  • Window Actions: Google Chrome window did not respect the Restrict Placement and Fix Minimal/Maximal Size actions when it was full screen or in kiosk mode.
  • Multiple Monitors, Windows 10: On some hardware configurations, toggling secondary monitors via Actual Window Manager notification area icon's context menu did not work.
  • Tabbed Explorer: The "Share" dialog could not be opened from within a container window.
  • Desktop Divider: Fixed some issues with supporting high DPI resolutions:
  1. Active tile border did not scale properly
  2. After putting a DPI-aware app's window into a tile, the window popped out of the tile
  3. When dragging a not-DPI-aware app's window, highlighting an active tile did not correspond with a mouse pointer's position
  4. Tile layout preview looked wrong for Microsoft Outlook 2019 windows
  • Desktop Profiles: Adding or removing a profile in a Configuration window did not update the list of profiles in Control Center context menus.
  • Title Buttons: Extra buttons covered the standard ones in Firefox Quantum windows maximized on a secondary monitor that was shifted up or down relative to a primary one.
  • Title Buttons: Main window of Microsoft Visual Studio 2010+ got hung after closing it via the "File - Exit" menu command or the Alt-F4 hotkey if the Aero visual theme was active and any of extra buttons was added to that window's title bar.
  • Title Buttons: Extra buttons looked and placed wrong in Microsoft Office 2019 windows in high DPI resolutions.
  • Title Buttons: Extra buttons did not work in Sticky Notes windows.
  • Window Actions: Service windows, like "Change transparency", "Move to monitor", "Put into Divider tile", did not scale properly to a current DPI resolution.
  • Window Actions: Minimize-to-Screen floating icons placed at the right/bottom edge of a monitor might get out of sight after reducing the monitor's resolution.
  • Window Actions: After minimizing a window being snapped to left/right half of a monitor to notification area, the window lost its snapped state after restoration.
  • Configuration, Desktop Divider: When copying a tile layout in Tiles editor between monitors with different resolutions, tiles' relative sizes were not preserved.
  • Configuration: The "Copy settings from" command stopped working.



Homepage: https://www.actualtools.com/

Version History: https://www.actualtools.com/windowmanager/whatsnew/

Download: https://www.actualtools.com/files/aimsetup.exe


From Brother @RadiXX11

Site: https://www.upload.ee
Sharecode: /files/9968932/ATPK.zip.html

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I Am Negan

 I tried it and didn’t like it. It slowed my system to a crawl. Un-Installed it right away .  Maybe you need a brand new PC to run it, as mine might be too old?

Edited by I Am Negan

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4 hours ago, I Am Negan said:

 Maybe you need a brand new PC to run it, as mine might be too old?


I doubt it.

The Technical Information says it also works on Windows 2000.

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I Am Negan
1 hour ago, T3rM1nat0Rr3 said:


I doubt it.

The Technical Information says it also works on Windows 2000.

 Maybe a conflict with some other program or my antivirus?

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