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Epic plans more exclusive Games Store announcements, storewide “Mega Sale”

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Leak also suggests $10 incentive for two-factor security signup.

Epic plans more exclusive Games Store announcements, storewide “Mega Sale”

If you thought Epic was done adding to the growing pile of PC games exclusively available on its own Games Store, well... I'd like to know where you got that impression. In any case, you should think again, because Epic has announced it will "reveal brand-new material for several games, including some exclusives, coming to the Epic Games store" at next month's Electronic Entertainment Expo.


The announcement comes as part of Epic's participation as a "presenting sponsor" at the fifth annual PC Gaming Show during the expo. Epic takes over a role previously held by Intel and AMD at the event, suggesting this year's show may feature fewer awkward scenes of a chip-maker standing on stage talking about how great their new hardware is. It also ensures a relatively high-profile stage for Epic's coming exclusivity announcements, following on the company's own press conference at the Game Developers Conference.


Other confirmed participants at this year's PC Gaming Show include:

  • Annapurna Interactive
  • Chucklefish
  • Digital Extremes
  • Digital Uppercut
  • E-WIN
  • Fatshark
  • Fellow Traveller
  • Frontier Developments
  • Funcom
  • Modus Games
  • Paradox Interactive
  • Perfect World Entertainment
  • Raw Fury
  • Rebellion
  • Re-Logic
  • Tripwire Interactive

Elsewhere in online-gaming-storefront news, Epic has also confirmed the platform's first storewide sale will be announced in the coming days. That confirmation came after a few eagle-eyed Fortnite players noticed a news-feed ad for the "Epic Games Store Mega Sale" when launching the game.


The message, which was quickly taken down, promised that users could "Sign up for 2FA [two-factor authentication] in order to get $10 to spend in the store." That's probably a worthwhile enticement on Epic's part, considering widespread reports of a significant account hacking problem for Fortnite and scattered reports of similar attempts on the wider Epic storefront. It's unclear if Epic Games users that have already signed up for 2FA will receive a similar benefit, though.


"An MOTD snuck out about a sale," Epic wrote on the official Fortnite Twitter account. "There is an Epic Games store sale on games in the works, but it hasn't launched yet." Epic offered further confirmation on the Epic Games Twitter account, saying "we look forward to sharing more info about the Epic Mega Sale soon!"


Regular software discounts have been a staple of Steam for years now, offering significant savings on a wide variety of titles multiple times a year. But while Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has promised that Epic's reduced revenue cut means "You’re going to see lower prices" on the Epic Games Store, those customer savings compared to other platforms have yet to develop.


Source: Epic plans more exclusive Games Store announcements, storewide “Mega Sale” (Ars Technica)

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Getting quite concerning all this. PC gaming have been quite opposite of exclusives to a lot of extent, this is just trying to cause problems to the whole idea of PC gaming if you ask me about it.

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