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HDCleaner 1.247 + Portable

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HDCleaner 1.247 + Portable



HDCleaner offers a comprehensive toolkit for system maintenance under Windows. Whether you clean the hard disk or the registry, encrypt data, split files, remove traces of use, backup the registry, defragment or search in registry keys, values and data with super fast search algorithm - with HDCleaner you will always find the right tool to speed up your PC and optimize. HDCleaner supports the following browsers: Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, SRWare Iron, Edge, Internet Explorer, Chromium Browser, Vivaldi, Cent Browser, Epic Browser, SlimJet Browser, 7Star Browser,Amigo Browser, CoolNovo Browser, CocCoc Browser, CooWon Browser, Yandex Browser, 360 Browser, KMeleon... With over 3000 cleaning and repair functions HDCleaner reduces the junk files to minimum and makes Windows to use less memory, operate without errors which results in faster PC performance. HDCleaner can be run in these languages: German, English, Polish, France, Hungary, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Korean, Slovak, Indonesian, Czech, Greek, Romanian, Hindi, Italian, Netherlands, Portuguese , Spanish , Turkish, Japan, Arabic and Russian. Supports Winapp2.ini. Cleans multiple user profiles.


  • Plugin Cleaner - deleting Internet traces, Windows tracks and program traces. Support for over 700 plugins.
  • 1-Click Maintenance and Automatic Maintenance - can be with the "Auto Maintenance" and "1-Click Maintenance" multiple optimization steps run automatically, to ensure a tidy, reliable and fast operating system
  • Registry Cleaner - Cleans registry, eliminates errors and optimizes the performance of the computer. NOTE: The settings made are applied to the "1-Click Maintenance and Automatic Maintenance"
  • Make room on your PC - Remove Unnecessary Files
  • Optimize services - Disabling unnecessary services lowers the background activities, win system resources and shoveling memory free, which can be used for other programs
  • Find Duplicate Files - In time duplicates of all kinds accumulate on the hard drive, which needlessly take up space and can down the entire system
  • AntiSpy - disable settings in Windows, which will autonomously contact the Internet.
  • DiskDoctor-lists and corrects errors on the disk
  • Defragment Registry- Analyze and optimize the registry database
  • DirToHTML - output contents of a selected directory as an HTML file
  • Backup & Restore - complete backup and restore the registry ..
  • DLL Cleaner-Frees the system from unnecessary and old DLL files
  • Hive backup backup and restore the registry
  • Browse registry - Browse the registry in turbo mode
  • Creating and Editing System Restore Points
  • Wipe files and folders, wipe free disk space, wipe complete partitions or complete drives with Pseudorandom Data, US DoD 5220.22-M (8-306. / E), US DoD 5220.22-M (8-306. / E, C and E), Schneier's 7 pass or Gutmann 35 passes.



Changelog (v1.247)

  • Added Microsoft Edge Developer Chromium-based browser cleaning
  • Updated Browser cleaning
  • Supports following Browsers: Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, SeaMonkey, K-Meleon, Waterfox, Pale Moon, Basilisk, IceDragon, Opera, Opera Neon, SRWare Iron, BliskBrowser, CentBrowser, EpicBrowser, Google Chrome, AmigoBrowser, Iridium, 360Browser, ChromiumBrowser, Vivaldi, 7StarBrowser, CoolNovoBrowser, CocCocBrowser, CooWonBrowser, SlimJetBrowser, YandexBrowser, Brave-Browser, FalkonBrowser, Dragon, Safari, Blisk, Torch, SleipnirBrowser... CHROME and MOZILLA based browsers can be added. See the Helpfile...
  • Optimized edge, firefox and chromium based cleaning
  • Minor tweaks and improvements
  • Minor GUI improvements
  • Minor bug fixes



Homepage: https://kurtzimmermann.com/hdcleanerext_en.html
Changelog: https://kurtzimmermann.com/hdcleanerversions_en.html
Release Date: 2019-04-17

OS: XP/Vista/7/8/10
Language: Multilingual
Download Page: https://kurtzimmermann.com/index_d.html#features6-0







Installer (6.11 MB): https://kurtzimmermann.com/files/HDCleaner.exe


Portable (32-bit) (2.66 MB): https://kurtzimmermann.com/files/HDCleanerX32.zip
Portable (64-bit) (3.18 MB): https://kurtzimmermann.com/files/HDCleanerX64.zip



Note: Although it appears on the Information screen : "Licensed to: Not licensed", the software is freeware and without limitations. The reason for this is that in the future the application will be paid, according to the developer.



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