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KT launches unlimited 5G data plan with no speed cap

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KT launches unlimited 5G data plan with no speed cap

South Korea's second largest mobile carrier KT has launched a 5G data plan that offers unlimited data with no speed cap to overwhelm rivals SK Telecom and LG Uplus.

        What is 5G? Everything you need to know about the new wireless revolution


South Korean telco KT has launched a 5G data plan that offers unlimited data with no speed cap as the country prepares for the rollout of the next-generation network on Friday. 

The mobile carrier dubbed its price plans for 5G as KT 5G Super Plans, which come in basic, special, and premium packages. All three tiers offer unlimited data on 5G without a speed cap and data roaming in 185 countries. 

Previously, with 4G LTE, telcos had offered so-called "unlimited" data plans that capped data speeds once consumers used a set amount of data. 

The Super Plan Basic will cost 80,000 won (US$70) per month and is cheaper than its 4G LTE counterpart which cost 89,000 won. Data roaming speeds will, however, be set at 100kbps. 


The Super Plan Special and Super Plan Premium will cost 100,000 won and 130,000 won per month, respectively. Those who subscribe to the Premium plan will be able to enjoy 3Mbps data transfer speeds for roaming. 


KT's move is an attempt to get ahead of its competitors as consumers begin to migrate from LTE to 5G. 


Rivals SK Telecom and LG Uplus have offered similar price plans, but have capped speeds once the allotted data is spent. 


KT also unveiled an affordable plan called 5G Slim that costs 55,000 won but caps speeds after 8GB of data has been used.


5G network in South Korea will go live for consumers on Friday, when the sales of Samsung Galaxy S10 5G begins, which will be the world's first roll out of 5G networks. 


The country's attempt to be the first to roll out the next-generation network ahead of others, however, has not been without its hiccups. It initially planned for a March deployment but this was delayed due to industry players not being ready.





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