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OkayFreedom VPN Premium - 1 year

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OkayFreedom VPN Premium hides your real IP address online, and also encrypts your entire connection with secure 256-bit AES encryption. Sounds complicated, but it is super okay because you can basically surf the net anonymously!

OkayFreedom VPN supports 480+ VPN servers in many countries and provides a vast pool of IP addresses. OkayFreedom VPN will automatically pick the best connection for you. If you want though, it‘s totally up to you: simply pick a server in one of the supported countries and at the touch of a button, the Internet will think you’re in the United States, Great Britain or whatever you choose.

VPN in OkayFreedom VPN means “Virtual Private Network”: A VPN routes the Internet traffic from your device via specially secured servers of the VPN provider (i.e. OkayFreedom VPN). A “Virtual Private Network” is comparable to a virtual, protected tunnel. Such a VPN tunnel excludes hackers and attackers, secures your Internet connection and makes you anonymous and invisible in the network. Your data is encrypted, no matter which WLAN network you are logged into. Security experts around the world urgently recommend that you protect yourself in public WLAN networks with a VPN service such as OkayFreedom VPN.



Giveaway: link




Premium-code for OkayFreedom VPN

To receive a free Premium-code, follow these steps:

1. Go to the page promotions (in English).

2. Enter your email address and click the button of Post Send . Uncheck the box "I would like to receive the OkayFreedom newsletter in the future", if you do not want to receive newsletter on your email.

3. On the specified e-mail will confirm registration. After confirming your registration, you will receive a Premium code.

4. Download the software from the link below:




Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7 / Vista 32 | 64-bit.

5. After installation, go to the notification area, and call on OkayFreedom VPN icon, right-click context menu.

6. Press the menu Manage License ...> Enter serial and enter the e-mail Premium-code.

Premium-code makes it possible to get 10 GB of traffic per month free to use OkayFreedom VPN online service for 1 year.

conditions proposals


  • This 1 year license for one device based on Windows. Only for personal use.
  • Subscription includes 10 GB traffic per month with no speed limit.
  • No free technical support.


Giveaway: link 2








Download: SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_OkayFreedom_VPN_Premium_hub.exe


direct Download:




The download link for OkayFreedom VPN Premium is given to you above. To get your license key, click here to go to the SharewareOnSale exclusive registration page and submit the form. Next go to your email inbox and open the email with the subject “Please confirm your OkayFreedom serial number request”. Click the confirmation link it provided. Now you will be emailed your license key. Once you have that key, download OkayFreedom VPN Premium and install it. Once installed, run OkayFreedom VPN Premium and register OkayFreedom VPN Premium with the key you were given. You can register by right-clicking OkayFreedom VPN Premium’s system tray icon and clicking on MANAGE LICENSE. Enjoy!





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first option only needs an email


sharewareonsale requires registering name etc.


sharewareonsale have some good offers, you

can save on prices. especially on firewalls and

antivirus software.

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