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Dr.Web Security Space for 3 months free

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Dr.Web Security Space is an advanced security application that comes packed with several protection modules for fighting against all sorts of threats that may comprise your computer’s stability and performance.

It offers support for antivirus, protection against spam and phishing websites, parental control, remote antivirus network options, firewall (you may choose to deploy it on your PC during the installation process), identification of malicious URLs via its personal cloud servers, backups, and blocking mode for removable devices.

Some of the most notable antivirus technologies offered by Dr.Web Security Space help you detect viruses, malware, and other types of threats in real time, automatically update virus definitions, proactively block viruses, as well as discover spam emails and filter messages in real time.

Dr.Web Security Space for Windows for 3 months
Dr.Web Anti-virus for MacOS for 3 months
Dr.Web Anti-virus for Linux for 3 months



Giveaway: link


Obtaining a license for 3 months

1. To use Dr.Web Antivirus free 3 months, go to the respective product download page:





2. On the product page, click Download for 3 months and enter your email address.

3. Confirm your email address after receiving the letter and complete the registration for demolitsenzii Dr.Web for 3 months.

conditions proposals

  • You get a trial version (demolitsenziyu) for 3 months free of charge (demoperiod).
  • Validity demolitsenzii starts with the activation code received.
  • Free use of the software Dr.Web for demoperioda guaranteed only if the user agrees to receive service messages about the status of the license. In the case of non-receipt of these messages demolitsenziya blocked, and the following license for examination can be received only nine months after the opt-out


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Nice, I hope to see a Android giveaway too.

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