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ClipAngel 1.70

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ClipAngel captures your clipboard history allowing you to paste it into any program.

ClipAngel began capturing our history immediately, as I took the first screenshot. The list continued and on. Occasionally you might see some Russian text, but rarely enough to be a problem.

From here, we're going to do something we rarely do. Cut our review short. Clip Angel is so fully featured, has so many settings and options that we'd be lucky if 1 percent read the entire review and it would take an hour to write. I'd bore myself to tears.

Because it's open-source, small and portable, you have nothing to lose giving it a try and see if you don't agree that this is one of the best clipboard managers available.


This program belongs to class "Clipboard Manager". It captures many clipboard objects and allows user to select and paste one in any program. Inspired by analogs: ClipDiary, Ditto, AceText. Main priorities: usability, compatibility, reliability.

Requires .Net Framework 4.52+ (Windows Vista+/Server 2008+).




  1. Supports clipboard formats: text, html, rtf, file, image
  2. Captures data of supported types copied to clipboard (clips)
  3. Captures sender window title and process name for clip
  4. Shows source URL for HTML clip
  5. Filter by marks "Used (Pasted)" and "Favorite" with keyboard shortcuts
  6. Filter by clip type
  7. Hot (as you type) text filter for clip list
  8. Stores last used text filters
  9. Marking used (pasted) clips
  10. Marking filter matches in text
  11. Marking hyperlinks in text and Alt+click to open them
  12. Marking END of clip text
  13. Marking filter matches in list
  14. Allows to paste clip as original or plain text selected or all
  15. "Paste special" command to cutomize paste of clip
  16. Repeated external copy of any previous clip raises it to top of list
  17. Settings "Max clip size KB" and "History depth number"
  18. Setting "Hotkey to open window with reset"
  19. Searching back and forward filter text in text
  20. Ability to delete and move clips in list
  21. Text filter and clip list share key presses, no need to change focus
  22. History is stored encrypted on disk
  23. Setting "Hotkey to incremental paste"
  24. Switch "word wrap"
  25. Switch "move just pasted clip to top"
  26. Command "Edit clip title"
  27. Edit clip text mode
  28. Commands "Mark/Unmark favorite" for clips
  29. Support for format "Clipboard Viewer Ignore" to respect password copy privacy
  30. Auto and manual check for new version and one click update
  31. Portable mode
  32. Auto position window on open near text input
  33. Switch "Always on top" for window
  34. Command to open clip as file
  35. Command to simulate char input (for windows isolated from clipboard)
  36. Support for sending paste and input to elevated windows
  37. Switch "Monitor clipboard"
  38. Switch "Monospaced font"
  39. Switch "Clear filters on window close"
  40. Filter ON indication in "Clear filter" button
  41. Full support for difficult windows in paste command (cmd.exe and non fullscreen RDP)
  42. Text position indicator shows offset, column and line number, selection length
  43. Clip list shows samples for picture clips
  44. Switch "Native formatting" for HTML and RTF clips
  45. Switch "Show clip source icon column"
  46. Automatic window open after capture text clip from ABBYY Screenshot Reader
  47. Command "Text compare" with support for Beyond Compare, ExamDiff Pro, WinMerge, Araxis Merge, DiffMerge, KDiff3 and custom application
  48. Command "Translate text"
  49. Target window title is shown in window title after " >> "
  50. Setting "Default font"
  51. Setting "Hotkey to open window with favorites"
  52. Command "Clear clipboard"
  53. Command "Move to top"
  54. Switch "Copy text in any window on Control+F3"
  55. Setting "Hotkey to compare last clips"
  56. Commands to set type filter values
  57. Switch "Autoselect first match"
  58. Multiselect clips in list supported by most commands
  59. Setting "Hotkey to open window with no changes"
  60. Command "Switch focus list/text F10"
  61. Series >4 identical chars are truncated in clip autotitle
  62. Setting "Folder for clip temp files"
  63. Tooltip on clip row in list
  64. Switch "Case sensitive search"
  65. Switch "Search independent words"
  66. Switch "Search '%' as any char sequence"
  67. Setting "Database file" to switch clip lists
  68. Drag&Drop clips from list

Preserves history even if the computer crashes







Image clipHTML clip in native modeSettings

Text filterRTF clip in native modeFile clip






Landing page and Download:




ClipAngel 1.70 Changelog:



1. When "always at the top" mode is on, "Paste special" window is overlapped by main window
2. Fresh error on displaying HTML clip with filter enabled by type starting with "*"

Posted by  5 hours ago
1. Saving position of splitter on program exit

1. Incorrect work of "Independent words" search setting

Posted by  6 days ago
1. Main menu command Clip / Save as file ...

Posted by  2018-12-22
1. Added Title field support in clip import
2. Improved support for large size of font in "Default font" setting

1. Fixed incorrect positioning when loading text of long one-line clip with "Word wrap"=OFF

Posted by  2018-12-16
1. "Export clips" and "Import clips" commands in "Clip" submenu
2. "Search all fields" option (disabled by default)
3. When generating a temp file of html clip, a comment with address of original page (URL) is now added to its end

Posted by  2018-12-08
1. Fresh AccessViolationException (program being exited) when clicking in clip text field if text was clipped

Posted by  2018-11-17
1. When activating clip text field, now it is fully loaded immediately
2. Added setting "Capture images" (default ON)
3. Added support for links to 1c source code lines of configuration extension
4. Improved zooming of images
5. Speeded up loading of large texts
6. Database compression is now performed on program exit only if user has deleted clips

Posted by  2018-11-05
1. Coloring compilation directives in 1C code

1. Closing program with taskkill command

Posted by  2018-10-20
1. Added duplication of command "Copy to clipboard" in context menu of list of clips by keypress "Ctrl + Ins"

1. Error while copying text from 1C windows ending in "/"

Posted by  2018-09-23
1. Manual German UI by Dieter Hummel
2. Setting "Show clip source icon column" is now ON by default

1. Eliminated false detection of 1C code in some cases
2. When dragging multiple clips, content of displayed clip was used instead of current one with type "File", "RTF", "Picture"

Posted by  2018-09-08
1. Command "Search text in list" in Clip submenu of main menu to search for selected text in clip list

1. Error opening hyperlinks from clip text
2. Improved text analyzer for 1C code format

Posted by  2018-08-18
1. Setting "Delete non favorite clips on exit"

1. Improved text analyzer for 1C code format
2. Fixed incorrect pasting of colored 1C code text in some windows
3. Fixed possibility of deselection of clip in list through CTRL+click
4. CTRL + A in list now selects only first 10000 items

Posted by  2018-07-29


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2 hours ago, teodz1984 said:

Landing page and Download:


Sharecode: /files/details/clipangel.html


Site: http://www.majorgeeks.com

Sharecode: /mg/getmirror/clipangel,1.html


Site: http://www.majorgeeks.com

Sharecode: /mg/getmirror/clipangel,2.html



You don't have to sharecode majorgeeks.com links.

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