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6 Myths That Scare Away New Linux Users

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22 minutes ago, DKT27 said:


Some personal hatred against it by the name of it. The user does not want to explain the reason. :P


That is why I am asking for alternatives for it.

Here is a list  newer article of the best Linux distros for beginners




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11 hours ago, DKT27 said:



Thanks for the information both of you.


I have tried some of them previously. But the user of the laptop does not want to try things nor I have time anymore to try things. It came with this but is highly outdated and somehow refusing to update.


Yes I have known one can install another interface on it. I'm currently confused between mixing this with this or directly use this. Easy to find help online and easy to use is a priority. The laptop is a 4th generation i3 which is  quite powerful enough I think. 


You're very welcome. An i3 of any description is more than adequate. So if you just want something that works, I wouldn't mix anything with anything, plus Cinnamon was developed by the folk at Linux Mint, so the laptop owner will probably hate that too.


Of the options you mention I'd say Lubuntu is your best choice. It is basically Ubuntu which is what is on there now, so there shouldn't by many (any?) hardware issues...


Plus it deploys the lightweight LXQt desktop environment as standard, with all the mixing and matching done for you. It ought to be faster than your existing install. 😀

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