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MetaFox 1.7.2

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MetaFox is a free, drag-and-drop application to convert your videos to the MKV format.

Metafox works as described by proving a small interface to drag your videos to. Once you drag it to the Window, it converts it to MKV and very quickly we might add. You can find the converted video in the same folder you ran MetaFox in. Currently, it supports HEVC, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, FLV, RMVB, and more.

There is a settings button that opens the Window wider with some options. They aren't all well explained, for example, we couldn't find anything on a few of the settings including "Alt Method 1 and 2." Other options include Dsmux only, Compress headers, Mux All Input including Mux Groups and Append files, and Split DVD videos.

Looking to convert some of your videos to MKV? Look no further. MetaFox is free, small, and fast.

Metafox is free. However, the author does accept donations on PayPal.MKV,CONVERTER







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.paf Portable


Size: 3.38 MB | 12.9 MB extracted

CRC32: 463F75A3
MD5: 96B5CF2CAF1AC0BD5752EF3B72F0A0E9
SHA-1: FA73875702E162305023273CF48F8E1A0D2D2512

Site: https://multifilemirror.com
Sharecode: /2uhnkgpzdmrd

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