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Bob.Omb's Custom USB Creation Tool v5

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USBTool.exe v5 for all versions of Bob.Omb's Modified Win10PEx64

This tool is capable of burning the ISO to any disk, not just USBs. Using this tool will format the selected disk.

System Requirements:
Windows 8 or Higher

Drag and drop the ISO onto USBTool.exe to burn your USB.

This tool is included in the release as "Create USB Option #2 - Legacy+UEFI SecureBoot+Mac".  It also works with all SE projects at TheOven.org that use the CdUsb.Y plugin.  It creates two patritions on your USB Flash or USB fixed external drives. One Fat32 partition named BOOTFILES (Containing your system and boot files), and a second NTFS partition called WinPESE Data (Containing all programs and able to hold windows install ISOs and other files over 4gb).  


Sharecode: /#!kvoRnCLZ!KZSOE9lCAE1M3nBZxZXFUtAUULcp94JowKkiPya1H-k



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