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Neo TV Pro 2 (watch TV channels on Pc, Mac, android devices, Phone....)

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If you can not watch the channels when the server is overwhelmed, you can use "safir iptv" application as a backup solution which also enables to get tv channels and a lot of other foreigh bouquets, you will have to enter a code to be able to watch these channels as is the case for NeoTv. VOD is also available on this application.
I've tested the application and it works very well with good image quality.

There is only one slighty sour note, sometimes you will have to wait few seconds before watching a channel because of ads that appear when running different channels, it can be considered as annoying for some members but you need to know that these ads are necessary as they contribute to the financing of the servers.

you can download the app from here
Code : 8888888888

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