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Microsoft Activation Script - (Fork, Open Source & clean from AV's detection)

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this apps use the other side usa chenge the regionūüėČ

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In the country other than America, region must change to united states


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1 hour ago, WindowsAddict said:

Thank you for this important info.  

I guess it must be a result of conflict between Iran and the USA.

I wonder if the blocking is done by Iran or the MS or both ways,

If what you said is true then it also means that no windows and office users are getting the genuine licences, this is big.


Edit - 

Since you have got the license, 

clean install windows again and see if system automatically will get the license or not.

i guess that ms servers refused your activation probably because system didn't have license before, but since you've got one, they may give the license again.


if you don't get the licence again then,

I would request you to open a thread on MS site https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us  and see what is the MS response on this matter. (tell them it was activated from 7 pro to 10 pro upgrade)

thanks again. 

To answer your first question, the block got to be on US side because I did try the old setup with VPN and it did not work.  And yes, I do not know of anyone down here who got a genuine license, except those who bought imported laptops or desktops with OS on them.


As for another clean install, accept my apology but I'm too lazy to do it one more time since I've been doing it over and over again in these past few days.  Also, I already started setting up my PC, importing my files and installing apps.  But if by any chance I got to re-install, I will let you guys know what goes down.


As for opening a thread on MS site, it's complete waste of time as I have done that before for another issue.  They simply told me that I live in an embargoed country and as they do not officially offer or sell their products in Iran, they do not provide any support either.


But anyway, many thanks for the help and support and I am very happy this issue is solved; no only because I got a permanent license, but that we found a solution for others like me. :cheers:

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