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[Gaming Platform] Utomik - 14 days for free!

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Utomik - 14 days for free!




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I just created a free account Utomik me. 

Booked and immediately canceled again ... without problems. 


Here is an excerpt what Utomik is: 

The company Utomik would like to be the Netflix or Spotify for games. With the launch of the open beta, the company is now the general public 

Doki Tops, CEO and founder of the company Utomik says in-house commercial that he wondered "why we nowadays monthly subscription Modellefür have music and movies, but not for Games. ". Even though it is not quite true that it did not already exist, these attempts Utomik comes with exactly this "flat rate for games" approach now with the launch of the Open Beta to the public and is reminiscent strongly of Netflix and Spotify.


The Open now accessible to all beta invites interested parties at the reduced price of 5.99 euros per month (instead of the normal 9.99 euros) to try out the service. To start, there are 14 days of trial period in which the service can be tested free of charge. Unlike Mitt candidates such as OnLive is not at Utomik the way to a streaming service in which the games run on remote computers and transferred only as a video. The client downloads the games on their hard drive. Nevertheless claimed Utomik that the versions are adapted so that a relatively timely start of the game is possible. So most of the games should already be playable, will continue to run while the download in the background.


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